North Korea Mission Meeting

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A missionary to North Korea, Pyung-An Kim, was invited to speak at a 2-day seminar hosted at HSGM office on April 24th and 25th. Approximately 50 with the heart for North Korea attended the first evening to hear about the true reality of people’s lives in North Korea. We also learned what to pray for N. Koreans and how to be better prepared for the day when South and North Korea are unified in future.

During the second evening, the missionary showed examples of hand-written Bibles that he obtained from underground churches in N. Korea as well as original Bibles once used by the first churches established in Pyongyang, N. Korea many years ago. We were all touched and moved that many Christian martyrs died to guard these Bibles, and we saw one of the Bibles was burnt from the fire put by N. Korean government but survived and kept in secret. Through this, we were able to tell how God’s Words had never vanished in N. Korea but continued to be passed down even to this day.


According to the missionary, N. Korea missions efforts easily get entangled and end up only helping the NK government with no help reaching the people in need. He emphasized on evangelizing N. Korean defectors, especially in China, and women who are sold to suburban areas in China. He also believes that these people will most likely the first ones to go back to N. Korea when the two Koreas are eventually united, and will be able to evangelize to the people back home quickly.


Through the seminar, we came to the realization that Korean Christians of the free world have not prayed fervently enough for the N. Korean Christians, and rededicated ourselves to lift up the fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer of protection.