When you use this app on your smartphone and/or tablet to listen to HSGM programs, your device will be connected to internet. This uses your data plan unless your device is connected to Wifi networks. Even when you play the programs that you’ve already listened to, your data will be used. When Wifi network is not available, please ensure to check your data plan to avoid possible carrier data charges. We recommend you to connect your device to Wifi networks when available.


- Please download the app by using the below links, or you can search ‘Heart and Seoul Gospel Ministries’ on iTunes Store or Google Play.

When your device is not connected to Wifi networks, listening to HSGM programs for an hour will utilize approximately 20MB of your data. Please note below tables for more information on data usage.



월 데이터 사용량 (각 프로그램 1회 청취시)




Please check your monthly data plan. Monthly data plan varies by different plans and carrier companies.


If you have Family Shared plan, please check your shared data amount.


< Tip >

  • Please connect your device to Wifi if possible, especially if you listen to the programs repeatedly.

  • If your device can play mp3 files, you can download HSGM programs while your device is connected to Wifi. Once downloaded you can listen to the programs off-line.





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