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Fifty Miles for a Bible


When Zoe and her grandpa got home from church, Zoe carelessly tossed her Bible onto the arm of a chair and walked to the bookcase. "Got any books I could read this afternoon?" she asked. 

Zoe saw Grandpa frown as her Bible slid to the floor. He quietly picked it up and joined her as she scanned the book titles. "Here's one you might like," Grandpa said, drawing out a thin volume.

That afternoon, Zoe read the book her grandpa had chosen. It was a true story about a girl named Mary Jones who lived in Wales in the 1700s. Mary's most earnest prayer was that she might have a Bible and be able to read it. Wow, Zoe thought. I never thought about what it would be like not to have a Bible. 

Zoe read on and learned that when a school was started in her small village, Mary was able to learn to read. But she still didn't have a Bible of her own. When she was sixteen, Mary heard of someone who had Bibles for sale in a town twenty-five miles from her home. She took all her money, walked to that town, and bought a Bible. The twenty-five-mile return trip seemed short as she happily carried her Bible home.

Zoe looked up when her grandpa came into the room. "How's the book?" he asked.

"The girl in this book walked twenty-five miles to buy a Bible, and then she had to walk back home!" Zoe said. "She walked fifty miles for a Bible!" 

Grandpa nodded. "Mary Jones's story always reminds me how precious the Word of God is. We can sometimes forget that because we have easy access to the Bible--we can even read it instantly on a computer or phone! But most people throughout history didn't have that luxury. Mary knew that the Bible was the living Word of God. She wanted a Bible of her own so she could read it to learn more about Jesus and all He had done for her."

Zoe smiled. "Thanks for giving me this book, Grandpa." She picked up her Bible from the table. "Now that I've read Mary's story, I want to go read God's Word!" Emily I. Thompson

Do you realize how precious God’s Word is? Do you read your Bible and treat it with respect? The people in today’s Scripture reading had not heard God’s Word for many years, and when it was read to them, they honored and praised God. Even today, people in some countries don’t have access to a Bible. Thank God for His life-giving Word—then read it and learn from it!

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 119:103 (KJV)
How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (KJV) 


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