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Sight Unseen

"Mom! My arm!" Blake called out as he stumbled into the kitchen. "It's bleeding bad! I fell on my bike and hit that window on the side of the garage." 

Mom got a clean towel and pressed it tightly against the cut on Blake's arm. "It looks pretty bad," she said. "We'd better go to the emergency room."

When they arrived at the hospital, a doctor examined the wound, and almost immediately a blood transfusion was started. 

"You lost a lot of blood, but you'll be fine," Dr. Patel said as blood flowed into Blake's arm through a tube. "This blood saved your life."

In the following days, Blake often thought about what the doctor had said. "They gave me someone else's blood, and it saved my life," he told his mom one day. "I wonder whose blood it was. Did Dr. Patel tell you?"

"No," Mom replied. "I wish I knew. I'd like to thank that person, but the blood they gave you came from the blood bank. It seems strange, doesn't it, to know that blood from someone you've never even seen saved your life?"

Blake nodded. He remembered the day he had gone to church with his friend Miguel. This is kind of like what Miguel's pastor was talking about, Blake thought. "It's Jesus who saves us," the pastor had explained. "His blood washes away our sins. If it weren't for Jesus and His death on the cross, we'd have no hope of eternal life."

"I don't get it," Blake had told Miguel after church. "How could the blood of Jesus help me? He lived years and years ago. I've never even seen Him!"

"You can believe without seeing Him," Miguel had replied. "I do."

Miguel's right! Blake thought now. If the blood of someone I've never seen can save my life here on earth, then why couldn't the blood of someone I've never seen give me eternal life too? I can believe in Jesus even if I haven't seen Him. Blake thought about it a little longer. I'll talk to Miguel about it again, he decided, and I'm going to tell Mom about it too. Harry C. Trover


Do you wish you could see Jesus? Many people did see Him, not only while He lived on earth before He died on the cross but also after He rose from the dead. He is alive today. Even though you can’t see Him, you can know Him, and His blood will wash you clean of sin. Trust Him to save you and give you eternal life. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. (KJV)