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The Doctor Knows Best

"How are you feeling, Aunt Eva?" asked Toby's mom when they stopped at the elderly woman's home to drop off a casserole.

"I feel just miserable," replied Aunt Eva. "I went to a new doctor, but he hasn't done me a bit of good. It's been a waste of money to go there. I sure wouldn't recommend him to anybody else."

"That's too bad," said Mom. "Didn't he give you any medicine?"

"Well, yes, he prescribed some pills," said Aunt Eva. "I took a few, but I'm not going to take any more of those things! They're so hard to swallow. Besides, they didn't seem to help much."

"What about your diet?" Mom asked. "Did he say anything about that?"

"He said to cut down on salt," Aunt Eva answered, "but you might as well not eat if you can't salt your food properly! I can't stand food without lots of salt on it."

"Maybe some exercise would be a good thing," suggested Mom.

Aunt Eva laughed. "The doctor says I should go for a walk three or four times a week. At my age? That's ridiculous!"

Mom tried to persuade Aunt Eva to follow the doctor's instructions, but the elderly woman shook her head. "It wouldn't help."

That evening, Toby told his dad about the visit with Aunt Eva. "She's funny," said Toby. "She thinks her doctor isn't good, but she doesn't do any of the things he told her to do. No wonder she's not getting better!"

Dad nodded thoughtfully. "As Christians, I hope we never do that."

Toby looked puzzled. "We listen to Dr. Barr."

"I think Dad's talking about our spiritual doctor," Mom said. "Jesus!"

"Right," said Dad. "God has given us the Bible to tell us what to do for a healthy Christian life--how to get along with people, how to resist temptation, how to act like Jesus, and many other things. We need to obey Him. When we trust Jesus to help us put His Word into action in our lives, others are able to see how great a doctor He is." Sherry L. Kuyt


When you read the Bible and go to church, do you listen to God’s Word and apply it to your life? Or do you not pay much attention to what it says? Don’t be like Aunt Eva. Her doctor tried to help her get better, but she refused to do anything he said. As Christians, we need to obey our spiritual doctor—Jesus. Listen to the truth of His Word and trust Him to help you put it into practice. 

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only. (NKJV)