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Fading Flowers (Part 2)

Read: Proverbs 3:27–28; Hebrews 13:15–16


As Greta and Harper walked to a friend's house, they saw some yellow wildflowers by the side of the road. "These sort of look like the flowers Mrs. Cranston used to have in her yard before she got too sick to take care of them," said Greta.


Harper nodded. "I'm sure she'd like to see some pretty flowers like that again. Let's take some to her."


"Why don't we wait till next week?" said Greta. "If we go there now, we won't have much time to play with Melanie."


Harper frowned. "Remember what happened to the flowers we picked yesterday? And what Mom said about it?"


"Of course I remember," Greta replied. "The flowers wilted, and Mom said if we put off doing things, something might happen to keep us from doing them later." She grinned at her sister. "Okay. Let's take some flowers to Mrs. Cranston now!" So the girls picked flowers and took them to the elderly woman.


"I can hardly believe you girls came to visit an old lady like me!" said Mrs. Cranston. "Thank you!" She coughed into her sleeve. "I don't know much about God, but I'm sure He sent you here. I was feeling lonely."


When the girls told their mother about their visit, she decided to pay Mrs. Cranston a visit too. When she returned home, Mom had a big smile on her face. "I talked to Mrs. Cranston about God while I was there, and she decided to trust Jesus as her Savior!" she told them. "She was so happy you girls came to visit her, and you got her thinking about God. She asked a lot of questions, and then she prayed with me."


Greta and Harper looked at each other in amazement. "That's great!" Harper said.


A couple days later, Mom had sad news when Greta and Harper came to the table for breakfast. "Girls, Mrs. Cranston died last night," she told them. "She'd been sick for a long time, and her heart finally gave out."


The girls were shocked. "I'm so glad we visited her," Greta said, "and I'm really glad she trusted in Jesus when you visited her, Mom."


"Me too," said Harper. "If we had waited, it would have been too late!" Sherry L. Kuyt



Is there something you know you should do that you’ve been putting off? Maybe you’ve felt the need to help out a parent or neighbor, send a friendly note to a new kid at school, or thank someone for helping you. If God puts a thought into your mind of something you should do, take action. Do it now! Tomorrow might be too late.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Proverbs 3:27 (KJV)

Do not keep good from those who should have it, when it is in your power to do it. (NLV)