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Bad Bananas

Read: Psalm 18:30–32, 35–36, 46


"Ahchoo!" Cole sneezed into his elbow as he wandered into the kitchen. He sniffed, then scowled. "Why did I have to get sick on the weekend?" he grumbled. "Dad was going to pick me up and take me hiking! Now he says I can't go with this cold."


"And he's right," said Mom.


"But I haven't seen him for two weeks, and I really wanted to go hiking with him," Cole said. "I even prayed about it, but it didn't help. I'm still sick, and now I'm stuck at home with nothing fun to do." He sighed. "Can I have a snack?" Mom nodded, so Cole opened the cupboard and peered inside. "Hey, Mom! Did you notice these bananas in here?" He pulled out some shriveled, brownish-black pieces of fruit and headed for the wastebasket.


"Oh no, don't throw those away!" Mom said quickly. "I'm saving them for banana bread. They're just about right."


Cole made a face. He could hardly believe it. "Just about right? You mean you wanted these bananas to turn rotten?"


Mom smiled. "Very ripe would be a better description. Soft, dark, mushy bananas make the best banana bread. You might think firm, fresh yellow ones would be better, but the flavor isn't nearly as good."


"That sounds crazy to me, but you do make good banana bread," said Cole. Then he sneezed twice.


"You know," said Mom, "in a way, your cold is like these bananas. Right now, you can't see anything good about it, but God can use it for His purposes. You never know."


Cole sniffed and thought about it. "I did get extra homework done this morning," he said, "and since I had some free time, I texted Hunter for a while. His parents are going through a divorce, and I've been trying to help him since I know what it's like. I even invited him to come to church with us tomorrow, and he said he would!" Cole paused. "I sure hope my cold is better so I can go myself."


"I hope so too," said Mom. "Let's pray for it to get better--and even if it doesn't, for God to use it for good." Sherry L. Kuyt



Are you in a situation that seems to keep getting worse instead of better? Maybe God is using it in a way you’re not aware of. Keep trusting Him. Even when it seems like He isn’t answering your prayers, remember that He loves you and will work things out for your good.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 8:28 (KJV)

We know that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are chosen to be part of His plan. (NLV)