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From Bully to Friend

Read: Luke 6:27-31


"I sure miss the kids at my old school," Caden said. "The only one here who pays much attention to me is Grady, and it's not like he wants to be friends. He's just mean." Caden told his dad some of the unkind things Grady said and did.


"I don't blame you for being upset," Dad said. "I may need to talk to the school about him. Have you made any new friends?"


"Not many," said Caden. "I think it would help if I were better at sports, or if I were smarter or stronger."


"Stronger like Grady?" asked Dad. "How many friends does he have?"


"Well, hardly any, but it's his own fault. He's a big bully. If he were nicer to other kids, he'd have more friends."


"Nicer? Shouldn't he just be better at sports, study harder, or maybe lift weights and get even stronger?"


Caden frowned. "What good would that do if he's still so mean to everybody?"


"None that I can see," said Dad, "but isn't that what you think would help you make friends?"


"Oh. Well, I guess that wouldn't help me either then," Caden replied.


"To have friends and keep them, you need to be kind to others," Dad said. "Show that you genuinely care for them. Be patient, and in time, they'll be drawn to you. Remember, you have an advantage."


"I do?" Caden's face brightened. "How?"


"Since you trust in Jesus, you have God's Spirit in you," Dad explained. "He'll help you treat others with His love and kindness. Maybe He wants you to start with Grady."


"Grady!" Caden said. "You mean, change him from a bully to a friend?"


"It's possible," Dad replied. "Most bullies feel inferior. In an effort to feel important, they act big, but inside they are feeling hurt. That may be the case with Grady. That doesn't mean you let him bully you--I need to know if he does mean things to you so I can get the school involved if necessary. But trust God to help you respond to him with kindness, and pray for him too. You may be surprised to see what God will do."


Caden nodded slowly. "Okay, Dad. I will." Dave Belleau



Do you want more friends? Making friends and showing others the love of Jesus have a lot in common. As Christians, we’re called to show His kindness to everyone, even those who are mean to us. That doesn’t always mean your kindness will be returned—and if someone bullies you, it’s important to tell a trusted adult. But as you show others God’s kindness, you’ll be laying a foundation for true friendships too.



I [Jesus] say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. (NIV)