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After-Christmas Cookies

Jenny slumped onto the couch. "I'm so bored!" In the few days since Christmas, she had been moping around the house with nothing to do.

"How about trying out your new basketball?" Mom suggested. "Or putting one of your new puzzles together."

"I already did all that," Jenny said.

Mom sighed. "All those Christmas toys and nothing to do?" Then she snapped her fingers. "I know! Come into the kitchen. We're going to make cookies." Jenny wasn't sure she wanted to do that, but Mom insisted, and soon they were up to their elbows in flour.

"Mom, we made all kinds of cookies before Christmas--we even have some left. How come we're still making cookies?" Jenny asked.

"Because we're going to give them away," Mom said. "You know that bored, letdown feeling you've had ever since Christmas ended? Other people may be feeling bored and let down too, especially shut-ins and people in nursing homes or hospitals. They had lots of attention before Christmas--carolers, visitors, programs, and so on. Now Christmas is over, and they may be lonely. Would you like to go and cheer them up?"

Jenny cracked a smile. "Okay, let's do it. I'll fix a nice box of cookies for them. It'll be an after-Christmas present!"

When Jenny and her mom returned home that afternoon, Jenny's eyes sparkled as she told her dad about their visit to the nursing home. "Everyone there was so glad to see us! And you know what? One man asked me why we were bothering with them after Christmas. I didn't know what to say, so I just told him that Jesus loves him after Christmas too. He said he didn't know much about that. Then Mom talked with him, and he decided to trust Jesus as his Savior! We're going to go see him again--and all the other people too!"

"That's wonderful!" Dad said. "You remind me of the shepherds in the story of Jesus' birth. After seeing the baby Jesus, they went and told others about Him." He reached for a Bible sitting on a nearby table. "Let's read that story again together. Christmas may be over, but we should still remember how Jesus came to save us--and keep sharing His love with others." Hazel Marett



Do you feel bored or let down after the festivities of Christmas are over? Many people do—especially those who don’t have family around them every day. Can you think of a way to share Jesus’ love with them? You could give someone a helping hand or make them an after-Christmas present. Let others know Jesus loves them every day of the year!


After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child. (NLT)