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Well Protected


"Oh, Mom! I don't feel good," moaned Camilla one morning. "Can I stay home today?" She sat down and clutched her stomach. Looking concerned, Mom agreed that Camilla could stay home from school.

An hour or so later, Camilla felt much better, and she went to help her mother make cookies. After putting on one of Mom's aprons, she tried to crack an egg into a bowl. "Oops!" she said as the egg broke, slid down her apron, and landed on the floor. "Good thing I'm wearing this apron."

As Mom helped clean up the mess, she looked at Camilla thoughtfully. "Do you think you really were sick this morning, or were you just nervous about going to school?"

Camilla sighed. "It is tough going to a new school. I don't have any friends here!"

"It will get better," Mom assured her. She wiped a bit of egg off the floor. "Camilla, just like you have that apron to protect your clothes as you work in the kitchen, you have someone to protect you as you go to school. Did you know that?"

"You mean...you and Dad? But you can't go to school with me!"

Mom smiled. "I'm not talking about us. I'm talking about Jesus. Just like that apron protected your clothes, He is your protector in life. Nothing can happen to you without going through Him. In other words, nothing can happen unless He allows it."

"Yeah," said Camilla, "but He does allow things to happen that we don't like."

"Yes, but He's always with us," Mom replied. "He helps us get through them, and He uses them to help us grow to be more like Him." She put an arm around Camilla's shoulder. "Let's ask the Lord to help you remember His promises, and then I think you should get ready and go to school this afternoon. When you feel nervous, remember the apron--and that God's protection is far better!"

Camilla nodded. "Anna and Emani were really friendly yesterday. Maybe I could take a couple cookies for them." Hazel Marett


Are you afraid of something? A difficult class? A bully at school? The dark? If you’re a Christian, Jesus is your protection in whatever situation you face. You belong to Him, and nothing can happen in your life without Him allowing it. Trust Him to be with you and to work everything out for your good. 

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You…because You defend them. (NKJV)