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Grandpa and God

Sawyer groaned as the bowling ball hooked slowly toward the left and rolled into the gutter. "I bet you wish you'd left me home," he said, slumping into the seat beside his grandfather. "I didn't even hit any pins." 

Grandpa smiled and picked up his bowling ball. "Some days are like that. I'm not doing so well myself. Let's just have fun and not worry about it."

"You're doing better than me," said Sawyer. "I hate it when I can't do anything right." He sighed. "I probably jinxed you too," he said as Grandpa's bowling ball missed the headpin.

"Oh no, you didn't," said Grandpa. "I manage to miss the pins without any help from you."

As they changed shoes a little later, Grandpa asked, "How would you like to stop for a hamburger and some fries?"

"Sounds good to me," replied Sawyer. "I'm starving!"

They left the building and started across the parking lot. "Neither of us bowled a great game today, but I really enjoyed it anyway," Grandpa said. "Do you know why?" Sawyer shook his head. "Because I'm with you!" Grandpa told him. "I wish you could have bowled a good game--that would have been more fun for you. But what's important to me is just being with you because I love you." He smiled at Sawyer, and Sawyer grinned back as they climbed into the car. "There may be times when you get discouraged if you aren't the best student in class," Grandpa continued, "or the fastest runner or the most popular person in school or--"

"Or I can't bowl a decent game," Sawyer added.

Grandpa chuckled. "That too, but always remember that I love you and God does too. In one way, God and I are alike--we both love you for who you are, not for what you do. And that goes for doing wrong things too. God loves us even when we sin. That's why He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us. None of us are good enough to be with God, who is perfect, but He loves us so much He made a way for us to have eternal life with Him." Grandpa started the engine. "Now, let's go get those hamburgers!" Richard S. Maffeo


Do you ever feel like you can’t do anything right? God loves you no matter what. It doesn’t depend on what you’ve done, and there’s nothing you can do to earn it. Even though you’re a sinner, He sent His Son to take the punishment for your sins so you could spend eternity with Him. That’s how much He loves you! 

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Jeremiah 31:3 (KJV)
Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love. (NKJV)