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Good-Looking Lure


Holly rummaged through the tackle box until she found the shiny silver lure her dad wanted. "Is this the one?"

Dad took it from her hand. "Yep. This is the one." He grinned. "As soon as Mr. Fish sees this, he'll gobble it up."

Holly beamed. "Then we'll catch him and gobble him up, won't we?"

Dad nodded. "We sure will." After tying the lure to the fishing line, Dad cast it into the lake. "Want to reel this in and see if we can catch a fish?"

"Next time," Holly said. "You catch one first."

"Okay." Dad turned the reel. "Hey! I think I've got a bite!"

"All right!" Holly clapped her hands as Dad reeled in a big fish. "Wow! Are we going to eat it tonight?" she asked as Dad reached for the flopping fish.

Dad grinned. "You know it!" He threw the line out again. "Do you know why that shiny thing you gave me is called a lure?"

Holly shook her head. "Not really."

"To lure something means to attract it, and that thing attracts fish," Dad explained. "It looks good to them and tricks them into thinking it's good to eat, but when they grab it, they're caught." He handed Holly the fishing rod. "Did you know that Satan often uses lures to trick and trap people?"

Holly began reeling in the line. "He does?"

"Yep, but not the kind we use," said Dad. "Satan often tricks people by making sin look attractive. He may get you to think it's harmless--even fun. But don't fall for it. Just like a fishing lure, in the end, sin only leads to death. It's why Jesus had to die for us--to save us from sin and the pain and brokenness it causes so we could have eternal life. When you're tempted to sin, remember that you belong to Him. He makes you able to resist Satan's lures. You can see them for what they really are--lies--and turn to the true life you have in Jesus instead."

Holly finished reeling in the line. "No fish this time," she said. "I guess they resisted the lure." She cast the line out again. "I'll trust Jesus to help me do the same thing!" Richard S. Maffeo


Did you know that Satan uses lures to get people to sin? He’ll do his best to trick you into doing something wrong. Don’t fall for his lies. Even though he may make sin look attractive and fun, it only leads to death and destruction. If you know Jesus, He saved you from sin and has given you eternal life. When you’re tempted to sin, trust Him for the strength to say no.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Hebrews 4:16 (KJV)
Let us approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in time of need. (CSB)