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Family Forever

Have it your way, Blythe! I'm leaving!" With that, Ella dashed out the door and ran across the street to her own house. But soon she felt terrible. I shouldn't have gotten mad at Blythe, she thought. I'm a Christian now--or at least I thought I was. The day before, she had decided to trust Jesus as her Savior. But now she had lost her temper--as usual! Maybe I'm not really saved after all, she thought. It bothered her the rest of the week. 

On Sunday, Ella stayed after class to talk with her Sunday school teacher. "I want to be saved," she said.

Mrs. Lee smiled. "Ella, you asked Jesus to save you last week, remember? You admitted that you're a sinner and asked Him to forgive you." Ella nodded. "Well, let me explain this again," said Mrs. Lee. After they talked and prayed together, Ella felt much better.

A few days later, Ella became angry when her mother insisted she wash the dishes. "I hate you!" Ella mumbled under her breath. Again, she felt awful. I don't deserve to go to heaven! she thought. 

The next Sunday, Mrs. Lee was surprised when Ella again stayed after class and said she wanted to be saved. "I know Jesus died for me, and I asked Him to forgive me. But I'm such a terrible sinner!" Ella said, fighting back tears. "I still keep doing bad things. But I really do want to be saved."

"Ella, you know you're a sinner and have asked Jesus to forgive you and save you, right?" Ella nodded. "Then you now belong to God's family," Mrs. Lee said. "You're His child forever."

"Forever?" asked Ella.

Mrs. Lee nodded. "It's like being born into your earthly family. Your parents don't disown you every time you do something wrong, do they? Well, your heavenly Father isn't going to disown you every time you sin either. If He did that, none of us would be His children--we all sin, even Christians. When you do something wrong, confess it to Jesus right away. He'll forgive you and help you grow to be more like Him."

"Ohhh," said Ella. She was beginning to understand. 

Raelene E. Phillips


Do you feel unsure of your salvation? Do you wonder if you’re really a Christian when you do something wrong? Christians aren’t perfect, but Jesus didn’t pay the price of our sin only to disown us when we do something wrong. He died so we could be part of His family and have eternal life with Him. When you trust in Jesus, you’re part of His family forever.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 8:39 (KJV)
Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. (NLT)