Practice, Practice

Daily Devotional for April 8, 2019


"I don't hear any music!" Mom called from the kitchen. "You've only been playing ten minutes. You still have another ten to go!"

"But, Mom," said Peter, "I've played every song."

Mom came to the living room. "Then play them each again--and again and again, if there's time. You promised that if we let you join the band, you would practice twenty minutes every day--without arguing."

"But I never get any better at it," Peter grumbled as he picked up his trumpet. "It still sounds awful!"

"Peter," said Mom, "some things take lots and lots of practice to be able to do them well. Playing an instrument isn't easy--it takes a lot of work. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily."

Peter sighed and began practicing again.

After dinner that night, Dad picked up his Bible and read from the book of Philippians. "I think I remember you kids learning Philippians 4:4 in church," he said after reading the verse. Heads nodded. "What does it say we're supposed to do?" Dad asked.

"We're supposed to rejoice!" said Chrissy. "All the time!" She frowned. "But I'm not happy all the time."

"So what can you do about it if you're not happy?" Dad asked. "What do you think, Peter?"

"Uh, well, it says to rejoice in the Lord," Peter said slowly, "so I guess that means we should remember how much He loves us."

Dad nodded. "We can't always be happy about our circumstances, but no matter what's going on in our lives, we can remember what Jesus has done for us and that we belong to Him. We always have a reason to rejoice."

"Maybe rejoicing is a little like trumpet playing," Mom said, looking over at Peter. "Maybe it takes practice. When someone faithfully practices playing an instrument, it generally gets easier. If we practice rejoicing--even when we don't feel like it--I think rejoicing will become easier too."

"Good thought," said Dad. "Let's all practice rejoicing in Jesus, no matter what our circumstances are like."


Are you always joyful? No? Well . . . are you usually joyful? Or do you often pout and complain? If you’re a Christian, you can always find a reason to rejoice in what Jesus has done for you. He died and rose again to save you from sin and give you eternal life! Thank Him for His wonderful gift of salvation, and practice rejoicing in the Lord every day.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Philippians 4:4 (KJV)
Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! (NKJV)