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Show and Tell

Read: James 2:15–18 


Dayton frowned when his little brother asked him if he could take some eggs to school for show-and-tell time. "You mean eggs from my Araucanas hens?" Dayton asked. "I'm selling those eggs to earn money for summer camp."


"But the kids don't believe me when I tell them about your blue eggs," said Eric. "I have to show them!"


"Well, okay," said Dayton. "They are unusual. You can take a couple." So Dayton carefully placed two of the eggs in a box for Eric, and the next day, they safely made the trip to school and back home.


"Hey, Mercer," Dayton said as he and his friend walked home the following week, "how about coming to Bible club with me tonight?"


"No thanks," said Mercer. "I'm going to my dad's house. Besides, I don't see how going to church really makes any difference anyway."


That night, Dayton's leader reminded them of the collection they would be taking the following week to buy shoes for kids in another country. "When their needs are met, they're often willing to listen to the gospel too," said Mr. Lee. "We all have something we can give. Think about it."


Dayton did think about it, but he was quite sure he had nothing to give. Then he remembered his eggs. I can't give those up! he thought. That's my camp money! He thought about the fun he'd have at camp, but then he thought about the kids with no shoes, and he knew what he had to do. Camp will have to wait another year, he decided. I'm giving my egg money.


When Mercer learned about Dayton's decision, he could hardly believe it. "Why would you do a crazy thing like that?"


"I guess it's kind of like my little brother's show-and-tell last week," Dayton replied. "Eric told the kids about the blue eggs, and then he showed them. I tell people I love and follow Jesus, but I decided I wanted to do something to show that I really mean it. So I gave money to help those who have less than I do."


Mercer was quiet. "Wow, God really does make a difference in your life," he said at last. "Maybe I will go to church with you sometime."



Do you just tell people you love Jesus, or do you also show it? It’s important to talk about Him and tell other people you trust and follow Him. But you need to do more than just say it. Obeying God’s Word, doing things with a good attitude, and helping others are a few ways you show your love for Jesus. They show others how He’s changed your life and filled your heart with His love.



Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.