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Read: Mark 4:35–41 


The streetlight in front of Grandma's house shone through the bare branches of a tree outside the window and cast eerie shadows across Mia's bed. As the wind tugged at the branches, twisted black shadows inched their way over the covers. They look like big, black teeth, Mia thought fearfully. She swallowed. I wish I remembered to bring my night-light from home. Everything seems safer when it's not so dark.


Sounds came with the shadows. A low, moaning sound stole through the bedroom and seemed to settle down right beside Mia. She thought she heard something click underneath her bed. Lying there in the shadows, Mia shivered. That sounds like a giant mouth snapping shut! She drew the covers up to her chin and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. No, I've got to keep them open, she decided. I've got to be ready to jump out of bed! The shadows trembled. "Dear Jesus," whispered Mia, "I'm really scared! I don't want to call Grandma, because I know it's just shadows and sounds and that it's silly of me to be afraid. Please help me not be scared anymore."


As if in answer to her prayer, Mia remembered a Bible story she learned in church--a story about a time Jesus' disciples were afraid. Once, as the men sailed in a small boat, the wind roared down out of a savage sky and waves crashed into their boat. "Can you picture the disciples rowing for their lives? And bailing out the water as more poured in?" her teacher had asked. As Mia thought about it, she knew that, like her, the disciples had been terrified. She remembered what happened next. Jesus had been sleeping, but the disciples woke Him up. Then Jesus said, "Peace, be still," and the wind and the sea grew calm. She remembered that Jesus ruled not only the wind and the waves but that He was Lord of everything. "You're even Lord of shadows and scary sounds," she whispered.


After that, the sounds didn't seem like snapping fangs anymore, and the shadows just seemed like shadows. Remembering how strong Jesus was and that He cared for her, Mia settled down. Trusting Him to keep her safe, she fell asleep.



Are you afraid of darkness or shadows or creaking sounds in the night? Are you scared of dogs, snakes, or spiders? Do thunder and lightning make you nervous? Whatever it is that frightens you, remember that Jesus created everything and He’s in control of it all. Trust Him when you feel afraid. Thank Him for always being there with you and for taking care of you.



I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. (NKJV)