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The Thirsty Plant

Read: John 7:37-39 


Maria watched from the upstairs window as Mama left for work. Next to her on the windowsill was Mama's plant. She had left the house without watering it--again!


Maria grabbed the plant and ran downstairs, careful not to run too fast. She didn't want to break the colorful clay pot she and Mama had painted together.


"Abuela!" Maria shouted. "Mama keeps forgetting to water her plant. I haven't seen her water it in days! Will it die?"


"Slow down, Maria," Abuela said gently. She sat down at the kitchen table. "If it needed water, we could water it ourselves. But this is a succulent plant."


"What does that mean?" Maria set the plant down in front of Abuela and sat down in the other chair.


"Succulent plants live in the desert where there's not a lot of rain. They store water in their leaves to save up for thirsty days."


"I've always wondered why God made deserts. Nothing can live there! Except these plants, I guess." One of the thick green leaves tickled Maria's nose as she turned the pot around on the table.


"Actually, there are many plants and animals that live in deserts--and people too," Abuela told her. "A lot of the people we read about in the Bible did."


"I might want to live there if I didn't have to drink water so much!" Maria said.


Abuela chuckled. "Someone in the Bible said the same thing! Jesus told her that He is the living water."


Maria looked puzzled. "That doesn't make sense. You can't fit Jesus in a cup!"


Abuela smiled. "What He meant was that He gives us spiritual life. He's always with us, and whenever we feel spiritually thirsty, we can go to Him. He'll refresh us by reminding us of what He's done for us and the life we have in Him--kind of like how a succulent plant stores water in its leaves for a thirsty day."


Maria gently touched one of the plant's leaves. "Sometimes I'm sad when Mama has to go to work. But I'm glad Jesus is always with me and listens to me when I pray."


"That's right," said Abuela. "Now, speaking of being thirsty, I think it's time for some chocolate milk." Henrietta DuCap



Are you feeling thirsty? When you feel physically thirsty, you drink water. When you feel spiritually thirsty, you need living water—Jesus. Only He can quench your spiritual thirst and bring you spiritual life. If you trust Him as your Savior, He is always with you. When you’re feeling dry and thirsty, go to Him. He will refresh you and remind you how much He loves you.



O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You. (NKJV)