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Giving Good Gifts


Marcus walked into the garage. "Dad, can we talk?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?" Dad stopped working on the car.

"We had our basketball team meeting after school. Practice starts Monday."

"Great!" said Dad. "You ready?"

"I'm very ready, but I'm worried about Brian. He came to the meeting but said he might not play this season. Dad, he loves basketball."

"Did he say why he might not play?"

"His dad got laid off from his job, and money is tight. Brian's basketball shoes are worn out, but his parents can't afford to buy him new ones right now."

"How does Brian feel about this?" Dad asked.

"He told everybody he didn't really care about playing this year. But on our way home, he told me the real reason." Marcus sat down on Dad's garage stool. "I want to buy shoes for Brian so he can play. I have some money saved, but I'll need a little more. Can I do extra chores to earn the rest?"

"Do you think Brian would be willing to let you buy him new basketball shoes?" asked Dad.

"Maybe I could say the shoes are a gift from you and Mom."

"You could, but that might make Brian or his parents feel awkward."

"You're right," Marcus said. "What if I bought a gift card at the sporting goods store? Then I could slip it into Brian's bag with an anonymous note. No one else will ever know. Jesus did say we should give secretly, didn't He?"

"Yes, He did. He says we should give to those in need because we love God and want to share His love with others, not to make ourselves look good. And sometimes the best way to do that is in secret." Dad shut the hood of the car. "Let's talk to Mom about it during supper."

After supper, Marcus gathered all his money. Mom and Dad agreed to loan him what he needed to buy the gift card.

On the way home from the mall, Marcus was very quiet in the back seat. "Is everything okay, Marcus?" Dad asked.

"I'm great," Marcus said. "I'm listing chores I can do to pay you back!" Lynda Boucher


Do you give to those in need? Maybe you’ve put money in a red kettle at Christmas or donated clothes you no longer wear. Perhaps there’s someone you know who’s in need of something you could give. The important thing to remember is that by giving to those in need, you’re showing them who Jesus is. Don’t give to get attention—give to share the love Jesus has shown you.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Matthew 6:3-4 (KJV)
But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Give your gifts in private. (NLT)