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Keep On Swinging


Every afternoon for an entire week, Tate got out pencils, paints, and poster board as soon as he got home from school. "I want to win the art contest at the city library," he told his dad. "I love to draw things."

On the day of the judging, Tate waited anxiously for the judges' decision. Finally, they nodded in agreement. Then one of them put a third-prize ribbon on one of the posters. It wasn't Tate's. The second-prize ribbon went on another poster, but it wasn't his either. Tate's stomach twisted in a knot. Finally, a judge picked up the first-prize ribbon, walked over to a poster, and attached it to a corner. Tate blinked to hold back tears as he realized he had not won a prize.

"I'm giving up on art," Tate told his dad after the contest.

"Really?" Dad rubbed his chin. "Do you know who Babe Ruth is?"

"Sure," said Tate. "He was a famous baseball player in the 1920s. He's probably the most famous player in the history of the sport."

"Right," said Dad. "He was the first one to hit sixty home runs in a season, but did you know he also struck out a lot of times?"

"He did?"

Dad nodded. "What made him a good player was that he kept swinging the bat when others would have gotten discouraged and given up. Persistence is needed in everything--whether it's swinging bats or painting pictures."

Tate sighed. "I guess you're telling me I shouldn't give up on art, aren't you?"

Dad nodded. "God gave you your love for drawing and painting so you could use it for Him--not earn recognition for yourself. You may win prizes for your art one day, and that would be great, but that shouldn't be the reason you do it. Instead of quitting, enjoy and develop the ability Jesus has given you and use it to point others to Him."

"Well, I did see a flyer at school yesterday that said they need volunteers to help with facepainting at the preschool's family night next week," Tate said. "Maybe I should take a swing at that."

"I think that's a great idea," said Dad. He grinned at Tate. "Batter up!" Carolyn E. Yost


Are you patiently developing the talents God has given you? It can be frustrating at times, and there may be some things He only wants you to do for a while and then move on. But not getting prizes or recognition isn’t a good reason to give up on something you enjoy doing. Jesus gave you that talent so you could use it to help others know Him. So don’t give up—keep on swinging!

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Matthew 25:21 (KJV)
Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. (NIV)