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"Wow, look at that wind!" Jacob said as he watched his kite fly through the air. "It's

a perfect kite-flying day!"

"Yeah," said his friend Asher, gripping the spool of his kite tightly. "I can barely hang on to mine!"

When the boys finally decided they were hungry for lunch, they reeled in their kites and got ready to leave. "This was fun--I love windy days!" Asher said. "I wonder what causes wind."

"I don't know exactly," said Jacob. "I've looked it up online, and I asked my brother about it too--he's in college and is majoring in science. It has something to do with high-pressure cells of air and low-pressure cells and collisions of air masses--all that kind of stuff. It's pretty mind-blowing," he said, grinning at Asher.

Asher laughed at the joke. "Thanks, Einstein. I still don't understand it, but I figured you would since you like science so much."

Jacob shook his head. "I don't understand it all that well. I still don't get why some days there's not enough air moving to cause a ripple on the lake, while other days--like today--the waves are probably ten feet high."

"Last night my dad read something about the wind to me," said Asher. "It was about Jesus calming the wind in a storm."

"Isn't that a story from the Bible or something?" asked Jacob.

"Yeah," said Asher. "Jesus and His disciples are out on a boat, and a storm comes and the disciples are terrified. Then Jesus tells the wind to be still, and everything calms down. My dad says that story shows God's power and love. He created everything, so He not only understands the wind--He controls it. And Jesus made it stop when the disciples were afraid because He cared for them. And He cares for us too."

"Wow," said Jacob. "My grandma goes to church and talks about Jesus sometimes, but I didn't know He could control the wind!"

"He can," said Asher. "He's in control of everything, and we can always trust Him. Ask your mom if you can come over for lunch and I'll tell you more about it."


Are you amazed by the things you see in nature? Do you wonder what causes things like wind, rain, snow, earthquakes, or tornadoes? It can be hard to understand all the scientific reasons for why they occur, but know that God is in control of them all. More importantly, know that He loves you and cares for you. Now that’s really mind-blowing!

Even the wind and the sea obey Him! (NKJV)