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A True Friend

Read: 1 John 3:16–19 


Grady had tried to be a good friend to Hyuk. When kids poked fun at Hyuk's name because it was different from theirs, it was Grady who came to his aid. When they failed to include Hyuk in their plans, Grady was the one who spoke up for him. But now that the kids had finally accepted him, Hyuk seemed to forget that Grady even existed and spent his spare time with others.


"I'm through helping him," Grady told his dad angrily. "I'll give him a taste of his own medicine. I'm going to ignore him!"


Just then Grady's phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at the screen. "It's Hyuk," he said. He silenced the phone and stuck it back in his pocket.


"So just when you were about to give up on him, Hyuk called you," Dad remarked. "I guess he hasn't forgotten you after all."


Grady shook his head. "He just wants me to help him get on the baseball team," he muttered. "Well, he can forget it. He only calls me when he needs something. I don't want to be his friend anymore!"


Grady's dad didn't say anything for a minute. Finally he spoke. "I'm glad Jesus doesn't feel that way about us."


"What do you mean?" asked Grady.


"Well, He wants us to spend time with Him every day, but we often call on Him only when we need something. I'm thankful He's always there to hear us, no matter how much He's been ignored, aren't you?"


Grady nodded. "I never thought about that before. So you're saying we should be there for people even if they ignore us?"


"It's what Jesus does for us, and we're called to show His love to others," Dad replied. "Besides, I think it would help if you told Hyuk how you feel. He might not even realize how his actions have hurt you."


"Okay. Thanks, Dad," Grady said as he pulled out his phone. "I'll call him right now." Ruth I. Jay



Are there people you only talk to when you want something from them? What about Jesus—do you only think to talk to Him when you need something? He’s always there to hear you and help you, even if you haven’t talked to Him in a long time. He’s a true friend—and He wants you to be a true friend to others. Spend time with Him every day, and ask Him to help you be a true friend to those around you.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Proverbs 17:17 (KJV)

A friend loves at all times. (NKJV)