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Little Treasures 

Read: Luke 12:29–34; James 1:17 


"Here's some juice for you, Lilah," Dante said, holding out a sippy cup. Two-year-old Lilah toddled over to her brother and held out one hand. Her other tiny fist was clenched tightly around the arm of a doll Dante had given her earlier. "Put your doll down so you can hold the cup with both hands," said Dante. But Lilah would not let go of her doll.


"Give me! I want!" Lilah cried impatiently as she reached for the juice.


"Come on, Lilah. Let me take your doll." Lilah just clutched the doll more tightly, and Dante frowned. "Mom, why won't she let go of her doll?"


"She treasures that doll, and she's afraid to trust you completely." Mom spoke softly to the little girl, and a minute later, Lilah handed the doll to her mother. "We're all like that at times," Mom said as Dante let Lilah take the cup of juice.


Dante shook his head. "I don't do silly stuff like that, and neither do you, Mom."


"What about times when we refuse to trust God?" asked Mom. "Sometimes we forget that all we have was given to us by God in the first place, and we insist on holding on to our little treasures."


"Like what?" Dante asked.


"Well, sometimes we're afraid to do things God calls us to do--like going to an unfamiliar place to tell people about Jesus, for example. We think we'll be happier staying where we are, not realizing that wherever God wants us is the place we'll be happiest."


"Yeah, but God hasn't called me to be a missionary far away," Dante said.


"Well, there are other treasures we try to hold on to." Mom looked sideways at Dante. "Bicycles, perhaps?"


"Oh," Dante said, remembering how he'd refused to let his brother borrow his bike the day before. "I guess God wants me to share, huh?"


"Yes, He does," Mom said. "Remember, He's the one who provides us with everything we have. He wants us to enjoy what He gives us but also be willing to let go of it in order to do His will and show others His love. Knowing Jesus is the greatest treasure of all, and we can trust Him to guide us in doing what's best." Tanya Ferdinandusz



What are you clutching tightly, unwilling to let go? Possessions? Achievements? Friends? Remember that all the things you have are gifts from God and the greatest gift He’s given you is salvation through His Son, Jesus. Be willing to give up whatever He asks of you so you can do His will and show others His love—and enjoy even more blessings along the way.



Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (NKJV)