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No Secrets

Read: Ecclesiastes 8:11–13; 1 John 1:8–9 


Isabelle looked worried as she walked into the living room. "Mom says you're going to have surgery on your back," she told her dad.


Dad nodded. "Yes, I've had a sore back for a long time. The doctor says an old injury is causing the trouble. I was butted by a goat years ago."


"Butted by a goat?" asked Isabelle. "How'd that happen?"


"My grandfather always kept animals, and one was a mean old billy goat. Grandpa had a high fence around the yard where the goat was allowed to be, and he warned me not to go in there. Well, one day while I was kicking a football around, it got into that yard. Instead of asking for help, I figured I could get the football myself. I went into the goat pen, and before I could get back out, the goat got me."


Isabelle was surprised. "I didn't think being butted by a little goat could hurt someone so badly."


"It wasn't a little goat," said Dad. "He was a mean critter, and he was strong. He had big horns and could butt really hard." Dad shook his head, remembering. "I had a huge bruise and was really stiff for a long time, but I didn't tell anyone what happened because I was afraid I'd be punished. Grandpa never found out about it."


"And that's what's giving you all this trouble?" Isabelle asked. "If you had told someone right away, could a doctor have done something that would have kept you from having back problems now?"


"We'll never know for sure, but it's quite possible," said Dad. "I figured if I didn't tell anybody, I could keep it a secret, but I forgot that there are no secrets from God. Psalm 44:21 says God knows the secrets of our hearts. For a while it seemed like I got away with disobeying, but I really didn't. It's a good reminder that sin has consequences and can't be hidden forever."


Dad grimaced as he shifted in his chair, and Isabelle brought him a pillow. "It never helps to try to hide sin, does it?" she said.


"Nope," Dad replied. "That's why we need to confess our sins to Jesus right away. He will forgive us and help us deal with the consequences." Agnes G. Livezey



Do you try to hide things you do that are wrong, thinking no one will ever know? That never really works. Even if nobody on earth finds out, God knows all about it. You can’t hide anything from Him. Confess your sin to Jesus when you do something wrong. Even if there are consequences you must face, He will forgive you and help you through them.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Jeremiah 17:10 (KJV)

I, the Lord, search the heart . . . to give every man according to his ways. (NKJV)