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What You Can't See (Monday)

Read: 1 PETER 1:3-5, 8


"Ah-choo!" Easton sneezed hard and reached for a tissue to blow his nose.


"How do you feel?" asked Mom as she brought him a glass of juice.


Easton sneezed again and reached for another tissue. "I keep sneezing. And I can't breathe through my nose at all. But I got this cold from Dylan last week, and he feels okay now, so I guess I'll start feeling better soon. I sure hope so!" He frowned. "But..." Easton hesitated.


Mom put the juice down and sat beside Easton. "Can I help with something?"


"Well, the other day Dylan and I were talking about God, and he asked how I know God even exists, since I can't see Him. I told him I just know--and I do, but-- how do I know, Mom? Dylan says he doesn't believe in anything he can't see."


Mom thought for a moment. "You said Dylan had a cold last week, right?" Easton nodded. "He even missed two days of school."


"Why don't you ask him what caused his cold?" suggested Mom.


"What caused it? He'd say it was germs. We learned about them in health class." "So ask if he's ever seen those germs," Mom said.


"But, Mom, nobody can see--" Easton paused. "Oh, I get what you're saying. We can't see germs, but we know they're there."


Mom nodded. "There are germs around us all the time, even though we can't see them. When we get sick, we see evidence that they exist. It's the same with God. We don't see Him, but we see evidence of His existence all around us--in the laws of science and in the beautiful world He's created. Most importantly, God reveals Himself to us through His Word, the Bible. Just like a microscope allows us to know things about germs we would never be able to see with our eyes alone, the Bible tells us who God is and what He's done. It reveals His love for us and how we can have a relationship with Him, and how one day Jesus will return and everyone will see Him."


Easton nodded thoughtfully. "I'll tell that to Dylan. Maybe he'll want to learn more about God and the Bible." KAREN E. COGAN



Do you realize you believe in lots of things you can’t see? Things like germs, the wind, and electricity? How about radio waves or a Wi-Fi signal? You don’t see any of those things—you only see evidence that they exist. Evidence that God exists is all around you in the world He created, and the Bible tells us who He is. Through faith, you can know He exists and that He loves you, even though you can’t see Him.




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Forgotten Combination (Tuesday)

Read: PROVERBS 7:1-3


"I can't get my new locker open." Kadence frowned at the paper in her hand.


"Here, take this and read the numbers to me, will you, Aubree?"


"Sure." Aubree read the directions slowly as Kadence turned the dial, and soon the door opened. "You'd better memorize that combination," said Aubree.


"Nah," said Kadence. "I'll just take a picture of it so it's on my tablet." She held her tablet over the piece of paper, snapped a picture, then threw the paper away.


"We have a new verse for the week," Mom said when Kadence got home, pointing to a white board on the wall with a Bible verse written on it. "Let's say it together before each meal and work on memorizing it."


"Oh, Mom," said Kadence. "Why do we have to learn a verse every week? I hate memorizing! What's the point? If I ever need to know a verse, I can just look it up."


"It's hard to look up a verse if you don't know the words of it," Mom replied. "And memorizing Scripture isn't just about having a verse ready when you need it. It's about treasuring God's Word and putting it in your heart. When you do that, you carry the truth and promises of Jesus with you, and they affect your decisions and the way you live."


Kadence sighed, then quickly changed the subject. "We have new combination lockers at school."


"What's your combination?" asked Mom.

"I don't remember, but I took a picture of it with my..." Kadence looked up suddenly. "Tablet." She quickly rifled through her backpack. "And I set my tablet in my locker when I was getting ready to leave and forgot to take it out!" she wailed. "What am I going to do?"


"I'm sure you can get the number at the office," Mom suggested.

"Yeah," Kadence said. "I guess I'll have to go in early and get it."


Mom tapped her temple. "Just goes to show why we need to keep some things here and not rely on technology for everything." She tapped the area over her heart. "And here too."


Kadence smiled. "Okay, Mom. I see your point." She turned to the white board and read the verse out loud. BARBARA J. WESTBERG



Does God’s Word “dwell in you richly,” as today’s Key Verse says? In order for it to do that, you need to know what it says. The Bible is precious because it tells us who Jesus is and what He’s done to save us. As you read your Bible and memorize verses, God’s truth and promises will make an impression on your heart and have an effect in your life. You can do it. Start today!




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Doing Chores Got You Down? (Wednesday)

Read: MATTHEW 20:25-28


Bonnie walked listlessly into Grandma's kitchen and sank into a chair. "It's not fair!" she said miserably. "Mom knows I hate doing the dishes. I would rather do any other chore than dishes. I would gladly mow the lawn or do the laundry, anything but dishes!"


"Bonnie, you know your mother has to work a lot this summer, and she really needs your help at home," Grandma replied.


"I know, Grandma, but dishes? Why can't I do the other stuff and Mom can do the dishes?"


"Did you know that I used to hate cooking?" Grandma asked as she dished Bonnie a bowl of the yummy-smelling soup she was cooking. "I would have rather cleaned the pig sty than cook." Grandma chuckled at the bewildered look on Bonnie's face.


"But you're always cooking! You cook for the homeless shelter and for the ladies at church. Why do you do it if you don't like it?" Bonnie asked incredulously.


"I love it now. But when I was young on the farm, it was my job to cook for my family of eight. Oh, how I hated that task!"


Bonnie slurped a spoonful of soup. "So what changed?"

"One day in church the pastor preached a sermon about doing everything like you were doing the job for Jesus. I decided to try it. That night I prayed before I started cooking. Lord, I hate this job. You know that I do. But I love You, and You were willing to suffer and die to save me. So I'm going to cook this meal in Your honor.' And I did! I took extra special care to make everything perfect. I sang songs of worship and said a prayer asking God to bless the meal. That night at dinner, everyone complimented me on my cooking. The next night I decided to cook for Jesus again. After a few months, I found I was actually looking forward to cooking and my special time with the Lord."


The next Saturday Bonnie bounced into Grandma's kitchen. "Hey, Grandma, want me to wash up those dishes while you finish cooking?" Grandma smiled and nodded as Bonnie started singing her favorite worship song while she filled the sink with soapy water. CASEY COMSTOCK



Are there certain chores you dread doing? Are there school assignments you think are boring? Try focusing on Jesus while you do the task. Remember that He was willing to do the hard, painful work of dying on a cross to save you. Use your work as an opportunity to thank and honor Him. You can find joy in any task when you do it for the glory of Jesus.










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Together Too Much (Thursday)

Read: MATTHEW 28:20; PHILIPPIANS 2:3-4


Tessa shook her head when Taylor suggested they spend time together after school. "Not today," said Tessa. "I have other things to do."


"Aw, come on," said Taylor. "Whatever it is, I could help you."


"Not really," Tessa replied. "I have to practice the piano."


"I could just come in and listen," offered Taylor.


"Look, Taylor," said Tessa, "we were together last night after school--and


Monday night too. And we spent a lot of time together last weekend. I like doing stuff with you, but I have my own things to do today."


"Okay, fine," Taylor said glumly.


When Taylor got home, she found her mother watering the garden. "I wanted to do something with Tessa again today, but she didn't want to. She was like that one day last week too. I hope she's not mad."


"Why would she be mad?" asked Mom. "It's not like she never spends time with you. She's been here a lot lately--and you've been at her house too."


"I know." Taylor sighed. "It's just that she sometimes acts like she's tired of being with me."


"Well, it is possible to want to spend so much time with someone that they get tired of it," said Mom. "A verse in the Bible talks about that."


"It does? What verse?" asked Taylor in surprise.


"Proverbs 25:17," said Mom, taking out her phone and showing Taylor the verse. "This tells us it's possible to spend too much time with one person and wear out our welcome."


"Oh." Taylor looked at her feet. "I guess that's what I've been doing to Tessa."


Mom squeezed Taylor's shoulder. "The Bible tells us how to love others, and this verse reminds us the best way to do that is to give our friends space when they need it. But you know who never needs any space from us?"


"Umm..." said Taylor. "God?"


"Right!" said Mom. "Jesus is always with us, and we can talk to Him anytime. He always wants to spend time with us."


"Okay, I get it," said Taylor. "I'll give Tessa some space." She grinned at her mom. "It will give me a chance to get out my Bible and spend some time with Jesus." LINDA M. WEDDLE



Do you spend lots of time with only one friend? It’s fine to have a best friend you see often, but don’t spend so much time with them that you wear out your welcome. Be a good friend by giving them time to spend on their own or with other people. You might enjoy having some time to yourself too. And remember you have a Friend who is always there to spend time with you—Jesus!












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Show the World (Friday)

Read: ACTS 2:38-41


"Yuck!" Gabriel exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen. "Do you guys have to do that?"


"Do what?" Dad asked, his arm still around Mom's waist.


"You know, hugging and"--Gabriel made a face--"kissing!" He quickly collected a bowl and spoon, keeping well out of his parents' way.


Both of his parents laughed. "No, we don't have to. We get to," Mom explained. "It's one of the ways Dad and I show our affection for each other."


"But Mom, parent PDAs are not cool!"


"PDAs?" Mom asked.


"Public displays of affection," Gabriel answered. He grabbed some cereal and headed to the table. His dad joined him with a cup of tea.


"I know you might not like our PDAs, but I'm sure God does!" Dad said.


Gabriel's spoon clattered into the bowl. "He does?"


"Yes, and not just in marriage. Think about it. You know God loves you, right?"




"Well, how do you know?" asked Dad.


"The Bible says He sent Jesus to save us."


"Right. By sending Jesus to die for our sins, God showed His love for us. And we can also show that love to the world. One of the ways we do that is through baptism."


"Is that when you get dunked in the big tub at church?" Gabriel asked.


Dad laughed. "Yes. Because you have faith in Jesus, you have a special relationship with Him. A relationship you want everyone to know about."


"Like you and Mom. You want everyone to know you're married to her."


"Exactly. It's one of the reasons I wear a wedding ring. It shows others that I love your mom and have promised to be true to her. In the same way, baptism points to the promise God made with us through Jesus to forgive our sins and make us His children. It shows the world His love for us and that we're part of His family."


Gabriel munched on his cereal while Dad drank his tea. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess God does likes PDAs!" Gabriel said.


Dad smiled. "One day, when you're older, you might be okay with them too." COLLEEN DIAZ



Have you been baptized? Baptism shows the world that Jesus has made you part of His family. It’s a public display of the love He has for us. If you’ve never been baptized, talk with your parents or a pastor about how you can show the world what Jesus has done for you.




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