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The Last Words (Monday)

Read: JAMES 1:19-20


"I hate you!" yelled Lindy as she ran out of the house. She hurried to the corner where she caught the school bus each day. It was already coming down the street. I'll probably get grounded for saying that, she thought, but I don't care! Mom makes me so mad!


Whenever Lindy's anger began to fade throughout the day, she would feed it bitter thoughts--she wanted to stay mad. Why does Mom always say no? she grumbled to herself when she felt her anger weakening. Why can't she be like Jasmine's mom? She lets Jasmine do anything.


At lunchtime, Lindy opened her lunchbox. Tucked next to her sandwich was a note: Lindy, I love you. Mom. Lindy felt a little ashamed--but not too much. Mom just wrote that because she feels guilty for not letting me go to Bella's party, she told herself.


By the time school was dismissed, Lindy had written out a long list of complaints to present to her mother. Some Bible verses suddenly came to her about how love keeps no record of wrongs and how Christians should forgive others the way they've been forgiven, but Lindy pushed them out of her mind. She had to have something to justify her angry words that morning, and there was a lot she wanted to say! She was looking at the list when the school bus squeaked to a stop near her street.


As Lindy got off the bus, she heard the scream of sirens, and a firetruck roared past and turned onto her street. A few minutes later she saw that its lights were flashing in front of her house. Terror gripped her, and she stumbled a little as she ran up the street. Is our house on fire? Where's Mom? she wondered frantically.


Finally, Lindy spotted her mom standing near the edge of the lawn, watching the firefighters spray water over the burning storage shed in the backyard. Sobbing, Lindy ran into her mother's arms. "Oh, Mom," she whispered, her list of complaints forgotten, "I'm sorry for the way I acted! I love you!" She smiled at her mom, glad her words of anger and bitterness that morning were not the last words she'd have a chance to say. BARBARA J. WESTBERG



Have you left home with sharp words and anger between you and someone in your family? Do you feed those feelings with bitter thoughts? People make us angry sometimes, but don’t let anger and bitterness have the last word. Deal with your disagreement in a loving way. Jesus loves you, and He put that person in your life. He will help you work toward forgiveness and understanding.










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Making a Splash (Tuesday)



Kayla fidgeted in line for the summer camp's popular water activity. Counselors monitored campers as they climbed an elevated platform, jumped onto a brightly colored inflatable, and clambered to the end to await the next jumper whose impact would catapult her up and into the lake.


Kayla was excited. Now she wasn't sure.


She also wasn't sure about lunch earlier. Kayla had remembered a sermon about


making a difference for Jesus and sensed she should leave her usual friends to sit by a girl who seemed lonely. But when Kayla tried to talk to her, the other girl mumbled, eyes downcast. Awkward! Worse, Kayla's friends didn't understand at all.


A counselor interrupted Kayla's thoughts. Her turn!


Kayla peered down. An older, larger girl was waiting. Kayla suddenly wanted to bolt. Leave this platform. Leave this camp. Leave the challenges to someone braver.


But too many people blocked the way. No turning back.


Kayla drew a shaky breath and jumped. She did it! Then she realized her weight had barely launched the other girl. Kayla's cheeks burned as she scrambled into position, relieved it was almost over and that her own launch would be minimal. The girl behind her was tiny.


But when Kayla glanced back, her counselor, Maddie, grinned before cannonballing.


Kayla screamed in surprise and catapulted several feet before landing in the lake with a loud splash. When she bobbed to the surface, Maddie swam over.


"Was it fun?"


"Actually, yes," Kayla admitted. "I was nervous though, especially when I saw you!"


Maddie laughed. "One of the things we teach here is that we don't get to choose the size of our impact for Jesus. Just like each camper doesn't get to choose how large a splash they make in the lake. The jumping order? It's by the counselors' design." Her eyes twinkled. "Sometimes we mistake people who make a big splash' in life as more important. But what if our awkward, so-called failures are part of God's plan to bring more people to Jesus? He alone knows the results. Our only goal is to please Him by trusting Him to help us do His will."


Kayla thought while she walked back to her cabin. I don't have to worry about the awkward lunch or the embarrassing launch--I just need to trust Jesus. PEARL ALLARD



Have you ever tried to make a difference for Jesus, but it didn’t go like you hoped? God is pleased when you obey Him and share His love with others. He knows how it will turn out in the end, even if it doesn’t feel successful to you right now. Instead of worrying about whether or not you made a difference, simply follow His lead and trust Him with the results.





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The Bully (Wednesday)

Read: 1 SAMUEL 17:42-50


Kage knelt behind a teacher's car in the school parking lot. The morning bell had rung and he knew he would be late, but he didn't care. Julian is late so much, he thought, and he won't tell me why. I'm going to see if I can find out.


As Kage's eyes searched the playground, he saw what he was looking for. An eighth grader had Julian by the shoulder and was saying something. He shoved Julian against the wall and threatened him with his fist.


"That big bully!" sputtered Kage softly. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and put it in video mode just in time to get a shot of Julian reluctantly dropping some money into the boy's outstretched hand. The bigger boy shoved Julian again and took off.



As Julian slowly headed toward the school door, Kage ran to catch up. "Hey, what are you doing here?" asked Julian in amazement.


"I saw that bully!" Kage replied. "And how he made you give him your money! Who is that kid anyway?"


Julian looked at the ground. "His name is Owen, and he'll hurt me really bad if I tell anybody."


"Well, you don't have to tell. I will." Kage held up his phone. "I got a video of him bullying you, and I'm going to show it to the principal." He started walking toward the school building.


"Wait!" called Julian. "Aren't you afraid Owen will get you? He's so mean and scary when he gets mad!"


"Mrs. Prince won't put up with bullying," Kage told him. "She'll contact his parents, and we'll tell a bunch of other kids too. If Mr. Bully knows we won't keep quiet about it and that everybody is against him, I don't think I'll have to worry. And besides..." Kage hesitated. "Remember the Bible story of David and Goliath?"


"Yeah, I remember the story," Julian replied.


"That giant was one big bully, but God was with David and helped him fight against Goliath so he couldn't hurt people anymore." Kage grinned. "I know Jesus will help me stand up against bullies too." MARY M. IHLENFELDT



Is there bullying going on at your school? Have you talked to your parents, teachers, or principal about it? Whether it happens in person or online, bullying is a serious problem that hurts people deeply. It’s important to tell an adult if you experience it or see it going on so they can help stop it. And remember, you won’t be fighting it alone—Jesus will be with you. Show others His love by taking a stand against bullying.





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Under the Fig Tree (Thursday)

Read: JOHN 1:43-50; HEBREWS 4:16; 1 JOHN 5:14-15


Yum!" Creed said, smacking his lips. "I sure do love your fig jam, Grandma."


"I can see that." His grandmother chuckled. "Have some more."


"Where do you get all these figs from again?" Creed asked as he reached for another homemade biscuit.


Grandma looked out her kitchen window and pointed. "See those trees in the backyard? They were


there when your grandpa and I moved into this house fifty years ago. A fig tree can grow to be fifteen feet high, and its branches can spread as much as twenty-five feet! Which reminds me, did you know the Bible talks about fig trees?"


"Really?" Creed said, his mouth full of fig jam. "I don't remember that part."


Grandma reached for her Bible. "In the book of John, when Jesus sees a man named Nathanael coming toward Him, He knows Nathanael is a devoted man of God. When Nathanael, who had never met Jesus, asks how He knows that, Jesus answers, I saw you when you were under the fig tree.'"


Creed stopped chewing. "What's that supposed to mean?"


"Back in Bible times, it was common for people to search for a quiet place to pray," Grandma explained. "Fig trees represented a place of peace and safety where they could talk to God. What Jesus was telling Nathanael was that He noticed he was a man of prayer and that it mattered to Him."


Creed tried to remember the last time he had prayed and spent time with God. It had been a while.


"One thing I've learned about prayer is that Jesus is always ready to listen, and He wants us to spend time with Him." Grandma continued. "Prayer is powerful-- don't ever forget that, Creed. When we bring our feelings and problems to Jesus in prayer, the Holy Spirit works in our hearts and teaches us to trust Jesus in every situation. Even if He doesn't answer our prayers the way we want, praying is important because it reminds us of Jesus' love for us and teaches us to look to Him for all our needs."


Creed nodded. "May I be excused? I'm going to talk to Jesus for a while. I'll be under the fig tree out back if you need me." KELLY HOPE



Do you spend time in prayer each day? It’s one of the most important things you can do. Praying reminds you of Jesus’ love for you and teaches you to trust Him to provide everything you need. You might not have a fig tree to sit under, but try to find a quiet place to pray. Jesus is always ready to listen when you come to Him in prayer.





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Exciting News! (Friday)

Read: PSALM 119:97-104 


Alannah's mom came into the living room and set her Bible, which was stuffed with notes and church bulletins, on the table with a loud thump. "Alannah, why don't you take a break from your homework so we can have devotions? We need to read about what happens to Elijah in the wilderness!"


Alannah groaned. "Can't we do it later, Mom?" she said, repositioning her mom's computer on her lap. "I need to finish researching birds for this paper I have to write."


"That's what you said an hour ago," Mom reminded her. "You'll have plenty of time to do that tomorrow. We need to do devotions so you can get to bed on time."


"But I have other things I want to do tomorrow," said Alannah.


Just then, a message popped up on the screen. "Hey, Mom!" said Alannah. "You just got an email from the Wilsons, and the subject line says, Exciting news!' I wonder what it could be!" The Wilsons were close family friends who had moved across the country the year before. It was sad when they moved away, but now Alannah was excited. "Maybe the good news is they're coming to visit!" she said. "Let's open the email and see."


Mom shrugged. "Maybe later." She opened the closet and took out a broom. "Later? But why not now?" Alannah asked.


"Well, I want to sweep the floor right now, and then I want to finish the book


I've been reading. After that, it will be time to go to bed. Maybe I can read the email tomorrow."


Alannah looked at her mother in surprise. "But, Mom! It's right here! I can't believe you're not going to read it right away."


Mom smiled. "Why do you find that strange? You have a message containing good news too, but you're in no hurry to open it and read it."


"I have a message?" asked Alannah. "What message?"


"The Bible," said Mom. "It's God's message to us filled with exciting news about His love for us and how Jesus died and rose again to save us."


"But I keep putting off reading it," Alannah murmured. She looked at Mom. "Let's do our devotions now. Can we just open the email from the Wilsons first?"


Smiling, Mom agreed. LINDA M. WEDDLE



Do you take time to read the good things God has to say to you in the Bible? Or do you have other things you’d rather do? The Bible contains the most exciting news of all! It tells how Jesus died and rose again and is someday coming back to make everything right. It gives advice and encouragement as you live your life for Him. Take time to read it—it’s God’s message to you.




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