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Stolen Credit (Monday)

Read: Colossians 3:23-24


"I had an awful day at school!" Ryan said as he dropped his backpack on the floor. "What happened, buddy?" Dad sat down next to Ryan.


"There was some paper trash on the ball field at recess today, so I picked all of it up and threw it in the trash can. Then Bobby went running back to class and told Miss Holland he'd done it! What a liar!"


"Did you tell Miss Holland what really happened?" asked Dad.


"No, she was too busy thanking Bobby in front of the whole class."


"Oh, Ryan, I'm sorry. I had a similar thing happen to me today," said Mom. "When Pastor Reynolds' wife called me and raved about the beautiful menu cards Mrs. Smith made for the church banquet, my heart sank. I had made those cards and delivered them to Mrs. Smith to give to Mrs. Reynolds. From the way Mrs. Reynolds talked, it sounded like Mrs. Smith hadn't bothered to tell her I was the one who made them."


"Did you correct her?" asked Dad.

"No. I let it go," Mom said.

Dad put one arm around his wife and the other around Ryan. "It's nice to feel appreciated for our deeds, so I'm officially recognizing you and saying good job. I'm proud of both of you!"


"Do you think Bobby needed to feel that way today?" asked Ryan.


"Maybe. That doesn't mean what he did was right, but it helps us understand why he did it."


"Wow," said Ryan. "I didn't think of it that way."


"Sometimes the best thing to do when someone else takes the credit for something we did is to set the record straight," said Dad. "Other times, it may be to let it go. We do good deeds because we love Jesus, who gave us the ability to do good in the first place, not to win the approval of other people. You picked up that trash because you care about God's creation and want others to enjoy it. You did it for Jesus, not yourself."


Ryan nodded. "Maybe this time I should just let it go. And the next time there's a good deed that needs doing, I'll encourage Bobby to do it so he can feel appreciated."


Dad smiled. "That idea is a good deed right there." Marilyn Buehrer



Has someone taken credit for your hard work or good deed? When the thanks you deserve is given to someone else, tell Jesus about it. Ask Him to help you know if you should set the record straight or just let it go. Whatever you choose to do, know that He saw what you did. Do your work and good deeds for Him out of love and thankfulness for all He’s done for you.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Colossians 3:23-24 (KJV)

Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people…You serve the Lord Christ. (CSB)

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Lies Don’t Stick (Tuesday)

Read: Psalm 25:1-3


Lily was crying when her mom came to get her after school. "What's wrong?" asked Mom as Lily got into the car.


Between sobs, Lily said, "One of the girls told the kids I'm afraid to ride home on the bus."


"We both know that's not true," said Mom. "I come to get you so you can get to soccer practice and piano lessons and your other after-school activities on time."


"I tried to tell the class that, but I don't think they believed me," said Lily.


"Well, they've known you a long time and should know better than to fall for a lie about you," said Mom. "But even if they do, it doesn't change the truth."


When they arrived home after Lily's piano lesson, Mom got out a set of watercolors and a roll of wax paper. "Here, Lily. I want you to try something." Mom tore off a sheet of wax paper and handed it to Lily. "Try painting on this."


"You're kidding." said Lily. "On wax paper?"

"Just try it," said Mom. So Lily brushed some blue paint on the wax paper and tried to paint a river. The paint slid every which way. Then it stopped and formed what looked like drops of rain. Lily groaned.


"Try painting something else," suggested Mom.


Lily dipped her brush into the green paint and tried to paint a tree. But once again, the paint moved all around. Then it beaded up like the blue paint had done.


"I give up," said Lily. "None of the paint will stick."


"You're right," said Mom. "And it's the same with lies. People may say untrue things about you, but no matter what others may think of you, Jesus' opinion of you will never change. You're His child, and He loves you and is helping you grow to be more like Him. Even though it hurts when others tell or believe lies about you, it doesn't change the truth. Remember you belong to Jesus and that He's always with you. When you stand firm in that truth, it will help others see the truth about you too."


Lily put down her paintbrush. "Okay, Mom. Instead of being afraid of lies, I'll remember the truth." David J. Belleau



Has someone told a lie about you? It hurts when someone says things about you that are not true—and it hurts when others believe them. But lies don’t change the truth. Jesus loves you, and His opinion of you is the only one that matters. He won’t ever leave you, no matter what others say about you. When others spread lies about you, stand firm in the truth of who you are in Him.



Vindicate me, Lord, for I have led a blameless life. (NIV)

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Hidden Mountains (Wednesday)

Read: Job 23:8-12


"I. can't believe it!" Kaitlyn cried as she put down her phone.


"What's wrong?" asked Mom.


"Mrs. Anderson said she doesn't need me to walk their dogs anymore! Her granddaughter moved down the street from them, and they're giving her the job. How am I ever going to save up for a new bike now?" Kaitlyn flopped down at the kitchen table. "If God really cares, why did He let this happen?"


"I know you're disappointed, Kate," said Mom, "but God does care about you, and He knows what He's doing. The Bible tells us He works everything out for our good."


Kaitlyn frowned. "Well, I sure can't see any good reason for this to happen, so how can I believe there is one?"


An hour later, Kaitlyn and her parents got in the car and headed for her grandparents' home. "I always love the scenery along here!" Kaitlyn said, gazing out the van window. "The clouds make it even more interesting today."


"They hide the view in front though," Dad commented. "Where is our favorite mountain range? It's usually up ahead, but I can't even see it."


"You're right!" said Kaitlyn. "It looks like there are only hills--not a mountain in sight!"

"How sad," Mom said. "I love those mountains. We'll miss them now that they're gone."


"Gone?" Kaitlyn's eyebrows shot up, and she leaned forward to look at Mom.

"Yeah," Mom said. "If I can't see the mountains, how canI believe there really are any out there?"

"Mom! You know they're just hidden by the clouds," Kaitlyn said.


Mom chuckled. "I know. But not being able to see the mountains today reminded me of something else we're not always able to see--God's reasons for allowing difficult things in our lives. Even though His purpose in allowing you to lose your job is hidden from you, He is still good. His love for you is unmoving, just like those mountains--love He made visible by sending His Son, Jesus, to die for you on the cross."


Kaitlyn looked out the window. "I still don't know why God didn't let me keep my dog-walking job," she said after a moment, "but I know I need to trust Him, even if I don't see His reasons." Jessica Dorfsmith



Have you had something difficult happen and you couldn’t figure out why? Next time you see clouds covering mountains—or perhaps blocking the sun, stars, or moon—remember that those things are still there behind the clouds. And when you can’t see why God has allowed something to happen, remember that He truly does have good reasons. You don’t need to figure it out. Just remember how much He loves you and trust Him.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 8:28 (KJV)

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God. (CSB)

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Never Too Young (Thursday)

Read: 1 Samuel 3:1-10


"That was fun," said Natalia when she returned to her family's cabin after the kids' program at the weekend family retreat. She had done well in the Bible memory games they played, and she had learned several new things too. She began to tell Mom and Dad about it, but her older brother's voice drowned her out.


"The speaker for the teens is great!" said Mark. "He challenged us to give a portion of the money we earn back to God. When we get back home, one-tenth of all the money I make is going back to God."


Natalia could see that her parents were pleased. Once again, she opened her mouth to speak, but this time her college-age sister spoke first.


"After hearing our missionary speaker, I'm wondering if God may want me to serve Him in another country," said Sadie. "I need to pray and think about it. When I get back to school, I may change my major." Mom and Dad both gave Sadie a big hug.


Natalia quietly left the cabin and went to the edge of the lake. Her own announcement didn't seem very important now. She sat on a stump and skipped stones on the water.


"Hi, there!" said a voice. "Why so glum?"


Natalia turned and saw Mr. Dalton, the children's program director, approaching. He listened sympathetically as Natalia told him about her brother and sister. "I'd like to do something for Jesus too," she said, "but I'm too young."


Mr. Dalton shook his head. "I think you're doing exactly what Jesus wants you to do right now--you're here learning about Him and His great love for you. And I know you can find ways to serve Him too--maybe by inviting your friends to church, or by helping your mom at home, or reaching out to kids at school who need a friend. You're never too young to serve Jesus. I can think of several children in the Bible who served God."


"Like Naaman's servant girl?" asked Natalia. "I remember that story. And Miriam? She watched over Moses when he was a baby. And Samuel heard God call to him in the temple!"


Mr. Dalton nodded. "I can tell you've been studying God's Word," he said with a smile. Raelene E. Phillips



Do you feel too young to do anything for Jesus? No matter how old you are, God can use you. He’s already put you right where He wants you to be so you can learn to trust Him and show His love to others. Look for ways to serve Him. Can you rake a neighbor’s yard? Help a younger sibling with their homework? Pray for a friend? You don’t have to wait until you’re older to serve Him.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: 1 Samuel 3:10 (KJV)

The Lord came and called as before, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel replied, “Speak, your servant is listening.” (NLT)



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Suit Up (Friday)

Read: Ephesians 6:10-18


Gavin joined the boys gathering on the football field for the sports camp put on by his church's youth group. He watched as several members of the high school football team carried out coolers and equipment.


"Listen up, gentlemen!" one of the players called. "American football is a full-contact sport. Before we practice drills, Jack here is going to show you how we prepare for battle."


Another player stepped forward. "The Bible tells us to put on the armor of God so we can stand against the devil," he said. "It's similar to the protective gear we wear when we play."


Gavin watched him pull on a pair of pants bulging with padding and buckle them over his athletic shorts. "The belt of truth," Jack announced. "It's a fundamental piece of equipment on which all else hangs. Before we can begin fighting, we need to know the truth of the gospel--that Jesus died and rose again to save us from sin."


Next, he tugged the chest protector and shoulder pads over his head. "The breastplate of righteousness." He slapped his chest. "There are a lot of vital organs under here that are vulnerable to attack. We don't want to open ourselves up to the effects of sin and Satan's lies, so we protect ourselves by remembering that Jesus has given us His goodness so we can obey Him and do what's right."


His cleats came next. "Have your feet shod with the gospel of peace. That just means you don't have to worry because you know the battle's outcome. Jesus has already won the war against sin and death."


Finally, he strapped on a helmet. "A blow to the head is the most dangerous injury a player can suffer. But the salvation we have in Jesus is our ultimate protection. The enemy can do his worst, but God's children are safe for eternity. Any questions?"


Gavin raised his hand. "Where's your sword of the Spirit?"


"On my bedside table where I read it every morning so I can hear God speak to me through His Word," Jack answered. "You too?" Gavin nodded. Jack grinned and tossed him a football. "Then I think you're ready to play ball." Michelle Isenhoff



Are you suited up with the armor of God? The Bible says the devil actively tries to destroy us by tempting us to sin and telling us lies. We can be ready for him if we learn what God says in His Word and remember the truth of what Jesus has done for us. Putting on the armor of God is a choice we make every day. Be ready for battle!


TODAY'S KEY VERSE:  Ephesians 6:11 (KJV)

Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the schemes of the devil. (CSB)

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