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Sharpened Tools (Monday)

Read: Ephesians 6:13-18


"This knife will barely cut butter!" complained Mom as she struggled to cut slices of roast beef. "Our lunch is going to look like Iripped it apart with my teeth!"


Dad laughed. "I'll take it down to my workshop and sharpen it later."


After lunch, Rachel approached her father. "Dad, I'm stuck on this math problem. Can you help me?" She held out her paper and pencil.


"I'll try," said Dad, but he soon handed the pencil back to her. "Do you have a pencil sharpener?" he asked. "This point is so worn down, Ican't write at all with it." Rachel quickly sharpened the pencil.


For family devotions that evening, Dad read a few verses from Ephesians. "The dull tools we've had around here today made me think of the sword that never needs sharpening--the Bible, which is the Word of God," he said. "Our knives and pencils get dull and need to be sharpened pretty often, but God's Word is always sharp and powerful. Of course, we need to use that sword. Who knows how we do that?"


"Um...by reading it and applying it to our lives?" suggested Ivan.


"Or by going to church and learning more about what it says?" asked Rachel.


"Yes," said Dad. "God often speaks to us as we read and study His Word. Sometimes it convicts us of sin and inflicts pain. It may feel to us like it's even sharper than a sword."


"Yes, but it's really a good kind of pain," said Mom. "Sort of like pain we feel when we exercise our muscles. It's good for us."


"And it always tells us how to deal with sin in our lives," said Dad. "We need to confess it to Jesus, who freed us from sin's power so we can do what's right."


"People used to fight battles with swords, so I guess we use the Bible when we fight against sin," said Ivan.


"And against lies Satan wants us to believe--like that God doesn't love us or that He won't forgive us for the bad things we do," Rachel added.


"Right," Dad said. "Any other ideas?"


"It isn't always painful," said Mom. "I'm comforted and encouraged when I remember God's many promises."


Dad nodded. "Let's all be sure to use our swords every day." Raelene E. Phillips



Are you using your sword—your Bible? Read it and think about what God is saying to you. Is He showing you a sin in your life you need to ask forgiveness for? Is He reminding you to trust Him through a difficult situation? Is He assuring you that He will always love you? His Word is sharp and powerful—listen to what it says and take it to heart.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Hebrews 4:12 (KJV)

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword…it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (NIV)

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A Clean Uniform (Tuesday)

Read: Proverbs 19:11; Matthew 18:21-22


Cole gathered up his dirty clothes. He put them into a basket and carried it downstairs to the laundry room where his mother was putting detergent into the washer. "My baseball uniform is in here, Mom," he said. "It got pretty dirty when I slid into home plate." Cole grinned. "But it was worth it! We won! Now I'll need it for the game tomorrow."


"No problem," Mom said. "I'll wash it for you."


After the game the next day, Cole got into the car with a scowl and slammed the door hard. "Whoa, Cole! What's wrong?" asked Mom.


"Dad said he'd come see me play this time," muttered Cole as he threw his mitt onto the floor. "He promised, but he wasn't here!"


"I'm sorry, honey," Mom said. "Something must have come up."


"Yeah, that's what he always says," grumbled Cole. "But Dad's missed almost every game since you got divorced. It's just not fair! I'll never forgive him!"


Mom sighed. "I know it's hard, but when Jesus was asked how many times we should forgive someone, He said seventy times seven.' That's a lot of forgiving."


"I'm sure I've forgiven Dad that many times already!" said Cole. "I'm done!"


"You know that verse isn't really talking about a specific number, don't you?" Mom asked. "It means we should forgive every time someone makes us angry or hurts our feelings--the way Jesus forgives us. It's like...well, like your uniform. I just washed it yesterday, and now you've gotten it dirty again."


"I always get it dirty when I play," said Cole. "What does that have to do with Dad?"


"Every time it gets dirty, I wash it--even though I know you're going to get it dirty again, right? I wash it whenever it needs to be washed. That's the way we have to forgive too."


Cole sighed. "So you're saying I have to keep forgiving Dad even though what he did hurts and I know it will happen again?"


Mom nodded. "It's never easy, and I think you should talk to your dad and tell him how his actions have hurt you. But Jesus has forgiven us for all our sins, and He tells us to forgive others when they hurt us." Holly F. Cepeda



Have you found it hard to forgive someone? Forgiving others isn’t easy, especially if they repeat the action that hurt you.* But Jesus wants you to do it anyway. When you remember how often you do something wrong and are forgiven by Him, it makes it a little easier to forgive those who hurt you. Forgive others the way He forgives you. *Forgiving someone does not mean you let them continue harmful behavior. If someone is hurting you, seek help from a trusted adult.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Colossians 3:13 (KJV)

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. (NIV)



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Does It Pay? (Wednesday)

Read: Psalm 37:1-9


As Jeremy dragged his snow shovel home, the cold air seemed to go right to his bones. Shoveling Mrs. Walker's driveway and front walk had been a big job--especially since he'd had to do it alone.


Jeremy was glad to find that his mom had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for him when he got home. "Thanks," he said as he slumped onto a kitchen chair. "Know what, Mom? I sometimes wonder if doing the right thing really pays. I mean...it just doesn't seem fair."


Mom looked surprised. "What makes you say that?"


"Well, Harrison and I promised Mrs. Walker we'd shovel her driveway after school today," Jeremy explained. "But then Mr. Gordon offered to pay anyone who would come and help clear his long driveway. Harrison went and did that instead! He broke his promise, and he even got paid for it!"


"That doesn't seem fair," agreed Mom. "But...you know, Jeremy, the Bible tells us not to envy those who seem to be rewarded for doing something wrong. God sees what's happening, and the day will come when He'll reward those who serve and obey Him." She gave Jeremy's shoulder a squeeze. "For what it's worth, I'm very proud of what you did today."


"Thanks, Mom," mumbled Jeremy, "but..." He looked at his mom. "Do people you work with break their promises too? And get paid for it?"


Mom nodded. "I'm sorry to say that I regularly encounter people in business who seem to benefit from being dishonest or breaking promises. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair to me either, but when things seem unfair to us, it helps to remember that God is fair. One day He will hold everyone accountable for the things they've done, and those whose sins have been forgiven by Jesus will receive their reward--eternal life with Him. Though it may sometimes seem like doing wrong pays off, it doesn't. God promises to right every wrong one day, and He calls us as His children to do what is right."


Jeremy nodded. He began to feel better about the situation. "Okay," he said. "Even though I didn't get any money for helping Mrs. Walker this afternoon, I'll remember my pay is coming later." Deana L. Rogers



Does it seem like others benefit from doing what is wrong? Do you know kids who seem to get away with cheating? Stealing? Lying? They’re not really getting away with anything. God will judge the world for its sin one day, which is why it’s so important to trust in Jesus—so our sins will not be held against us. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.) As followers of Jesus, we are called to do what is right, knowing our reward is with Him.



Trust in the Lord, and do good. (NKJV)





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Emma’s Hats (Thursday)

Read: Luke 15:4-10


Emma searched everywhere, even under Bella purring on the floor. "Mom, where's my blue Barry beret?" she called, hunting through hats she'd left piled on her bedroom chair. Emma named all her hats.


"I don't know, but the school bus is coming."


Emma grabbed her baseball cap, Bob. She popped it on her head and dashed out the door. "Whew, I made it," she said as she got on the bus.


After school, Emma rushed into the house. "Mom, did you find Barry?"


"No. But if you clean your room, you might find it." Mom grinned.


Emma went to her room and dropped her bookbag and hat on the bed. "It's got to be here somewhere." She gathered and hung hats on her closet hooks. "Hey, besides Barry, Noah Newsboy and Sandy Sun Hat are missing."


Emma continued cleaning. Under the bed she found one polka dot sock, Bella's catnip mouse, and one of Mom's gloves. "I thought Mom lost this," Emma said. "Bella, here's your mouse." Bella sniffed it and closed her eyes.


At dinner, Emma told her parents she found Mom's glove. "But now I have three lost hats. I'm not quitting until I find them. They have to be somewhere."


"This reminds me of the story Jesus told in the Bible about the woman who lost one of her ten silver coins," Mom said. "She swept and searched until she found it."


"Or the shepherd who had one hundred sheep. One got lost, so he left the ninety-nine and looked until he found it," Dad added. "That's how Jesus searches for us. He wants to find those who are lost in sin."


The next morning, Emma announced, "I'm going to look for my lost hats. I asked Jesus to help me."


"Okay, but first would you get two laundry baskets for me?" Mom asked.


While she was in the basement, Emma looked around. "Mom," she yelled from the bottom step. "Come see where I found my hats."


Mom hurried downstairs to where Emma knelt in a corner. "Oh my, three kittens!" Mom said. "Now we know where Bella's been all morning."


"They're so cute cuddled up on my hats," Emma said.

"Emma, are you okay with Bella claiming your hats?"


Emma nodded. "I have other hats. Besides, now I have three kittens to name!" Lynda Boucher



Have you ever lost something special? Maybe your pet ran away, or you couldn’t find the watch from your grandparents. You probably searched, and when you found it, you rejoiced. That’s how it is with Jesus. His love for each person is so great that He seeks the lost who don’t know Him. When they’re found, there is rejoicing in heaven! Has He found you? If not, trust in Him today. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)



Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost! (NKJV)

** Daily Devotional 에서 방송된 내용의 줄거리입니다. Daily Devotional Keys for kids Ministries에서 지원받은 프로그램입니다. 홈페이지 www.keysforkids.org로 들어가시면 Keys for kids Daily Devotional <February 06, 2021>에서 다시 들으실 있습니다.**


Alligator Lies (Friday)

Read: Acts 5:1-11


Joel chewed his fingernail. He hated writing; nothing worthwhile ever came from his pencil. But the assignment was to write a true story about a pet and be prepared to read it to the class. The only pet Joel ever owned was Flash, a boring goldfish. Goldfish don't do tricks or play fetch, he thought, so what is there to say?


The hot, stuffy classroom seemed unbearable, and Joel let out a sigh. Guess I'll have to make up a story, he decided. How about a pet alligator? Picturing his classmates' envious looks when he read his alligator story, he scrawled ALLIGATOR on the top of his paper and stared at it, chewing another fingernail. But even alligators couldn't jolt his imagination. He squirmed in his seat, then got up and sharpened his pencil.


As Joel lifted his pencil to try again, some words seemed to float across his paper. "Each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor." Joel blinked. Those words hadn't actually been on his paper; they were from a Bible verse he had memorized. Joel sighed. Could God be telling him his alligator story would be a lie?


Joel stared at his title, then turned his pencil upside down to erase ALLIGATOR and replace it with GOLDFISH. I'll write a true story--even though the kids might laugh, he decided.


This time the words flowed. Joel wrote about how he won the goldfish at the fair and named it Flash. He told how he took care of his fish and how bad he felt when Flash died. Then he wrote his name at the top of the page and sighed, this time in relief. Maybe my story sounds dumb, but it's true. And when Mr. Wright called on him, Joel stood tall as he read the story aloud.


After class, Eddy fell in step beside Joel. "I had a kitten once," Eddy said. "Named her Midnight." Eddy stared at his feet. "A car hit her--she died."


"That's terrible," Joel said.


Eddy nodded. "I don't usually like to talk about it." He looked at Joel. "Was it hard to tell your story about Flash?"


"Yeah," Joel said. "It was at first." He smiled at Eddy, glad he had told the truth instead of an alligator lie. Dorothy Skinner



Are you ever tempted to lie so others will admire you? Or to get out of an unpleasant situation? Today’s Bible reading is an account of the severe and immediate consequences of lying. It’s meant to show you how serious lying is. Telling lies destroys the trust others have in you. How can you show people the love of Jesus if they don’t trust you? By telling the truth, you’re pointing others to the truth of Jesus.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE:  Ephesians 4:25 (KJV)

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor. (NIV)

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