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Who Sees? (Monday)

Read: Psalm 139:3-12


Jace looked up as his mom walked in with two bags of groceries. "Hi, honey," she said. "Will you go get the other bags of groceries from the car? And please pick up the other stuff I spilled too. When I grabbed my purse, it was upside down, and some things fell out."


"Okay, Mom." Jace hurried out to the garage. He took the bags of groceries into the house and then went back to get the things that had spilled from Mom's purse. Along with several other items, he found four five-dollar bills. Jace looked at them thoughtfully. Then he put one of the bills in his pocket.


"Here's your stuff, Mom," Jace said when he returned to the house.He handed her the three bills along with all the other items.


"Thanks, Jace," said Mom. "Now I'd like you to take the flyswatter and get rid of these flies." She frowned. "Where are they coming from?"


Jace got the swatter. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed after a moment. Then he saw a fly sunning itself on a window sill. "Mom, come see this fly. It looks like it's cleaning its face--just like our cat does."


"It does look that way," agreed Mom. "I saw a nature show about flies the other day. It was pretty interesting. Did you know that flies' legs have brushes that they use to clean their eyes?"


"Ew!" Jace made a face.


"They have really interesting eyes too," Mom continued. "They're amazing! It said flies have about four thousand simple eyes in each large eye."


"Wow!" said Jace. "That's weird."


Mom nodded. "When I heard that, it made me think of a verse from one of the Psalms that says, He who formed the eye, shall He not see?' God created flies' amazing eyes, and He created us too. He sees everything we do--we can't hide our sin from Him. That's why we need to be honest about it. He already knows what we've done, and He will forgive us."


Jace put his hand into his pocket and felt the five-dollar bill he had kept. God sees this too, he thought. He slowly pulled it out.


"Um, Mom? I...I was going to keep this, but...here it is, and...well, I'm sorry." Vera Hutchcroft



Have you ever done something wrong when no one was around? Were you relieved when you didn’t get caught? Even if no one else saw what you did, God knows—you can’t hide anything from Him. He loves you and wants you to confess your sin and be forgiven. If you’ve done something wrong, tell Jesus and ask Him to forgive you. Then do what is right—even when no one else is watching.



He who formed the eye, shall He not see? (NKJV)





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Just Like Dad (Tuesday)

Read: John 13:12-17


Hazel laughed as she watched her little brother Jake playing in the living room. He had climbed up into Dad's favorite chair and was pretending to read a book. As he crossed his feet and tried to make them reach the footstool, he shouted, "Look at me! I'm just like Daddy!"


Hazel couldn't resist giving Jake a big hug. "Wait right there so we can show Mommy what a big boy you are!" she said.


By the time Hazel returned to the living room with Mom, Jake had put the book down on his lap and was pretending to fall asleep. He was even leaning back with his hands behind his head, the way Dad did when he fell asleep reading. "Isn't that cute, Mom?" Hazel giggled. "He's trying to be just like Dad."


Mom nodded. "That's how children learn. They imitate the people they see."


"Did I ever do that?" asked Hazel. "Did I imitate you?"


"Sure you did," said Mom. "You used to pretend you were making dinner. You would get the pots and pans out of the cupboard and tell me you were making mash 'tatoes!"


Hazel laughed. "That sounds like me. I still like to make mashed potatoes."


"Actually, this reminds me of my Bible reading earlier today," said Mom. "Children imitate parents and other adults, and God wants His children to imitate Jesus."


"But we can't see Jesus! How can we imitate someone we can't even see?" Hazel paused. "Oh, wait a minute! We have the Bible. It tells us how Jesus lived!"


"Yes," said Mom. "That's one reason we need to read and study it. It tells us how much Jesus loves us--so much He sacrificed His life on the cross so we could be saved. It also tells us how Jesus responded to people during His ministry on earth. We learn about His relationship with God the Father and how He loved and trusted Him. We see characteristics of His personality and how He acted in various situations. As we study His life and trust Him to help us follow His example in our own lives, we learn how to live like He did." Deana L. Rogers



Who do you imitate? A parent? A teacher? A sports figure? Kids—and adults too—often imitate other people. That’s okay if those people are good influences, but don’t limit yourself to imitating them. The Bible says Jesus is our prime example. Are you imitating Him? Read the Bible to learn more about Him and His love for people. Then follow His example in your own life.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Ephesians 5:1 (KJV)

Be imitators of God as dear children. (NKJV)












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Lesson from a Dog (Wednesday)

Read: Isaiah 55:8-9; Jeremiah 10:11-13; Romans 8:28


"Can you take Sammy for a walk?" Dad asked as Josh walked in from school.


"He's been cooped up all day."


"So have I," Josh said, grabbing the leash. "I don't like my new school."


"I know," Dad said. "I'm not a big fan of my new job yet either."


"Why did we come here then?" Josh asked.


"Let's walk Sammy together and talk about it," Dad suggested.


They started down the sidewalk, Sammy pulling harder with each step. "He wants to run," Josh said. "Can I take off his leash?"


"Not yet. We'll let him loose once we get to the dog park." Dad looked at Josh. "You know, Mom and I felt God wanted us to move closer to Grandma now that Grandpa's gone. We also believe that the school system here will be better for Angie."


Josh nodded. His younger sister had autism. "Why couldn't God have just healed Angie and kept Grandpa alive?" He tightened his grip on the leash as Sammy saw a cat across the street and started barking and pulling. "He's going to break this leash if I don't let him go!"


Dad took the leash from Josh. "If you let him go, he'll chase that cat and get hit by a car. He doesn't realize we're protecting him."


"Our job would sure be easier if he could just understand that."


Dad laughed. "Maybe God feels the same way about us. Sammy isn't smart enough to understand why we do the things we do. And we can't understand everything God does either. This move may seem like a bad idea to us because we don't think like God."


Josh smiled. "Are you saying I think like a dog?"


"No," Dad said. "You think like a human."


"But God doesn't," Josh added, pushing open the park gate.


"Exactly." Dad unhooked the leash, and Sammy ran circles around the nearest tree. "We don't know why God allowed Grandpa to die or Angie to have autism, but we need to remember that He loves us so much He sent His own Son into our broken world to save us and promises to work everything out for our good. Maybe someday it will make sense to us," Dad said, then pointed to Sammy. "But right now, we just have to trust Him." Heather Tekavec



Are there things in your life that just don’t make sense? Do you get frustrated at God because of them? Instead of doubting God, remember that His understanding is far superior to our own. When we have to face difficult things we don’t understand, He promises to be with us and work them out for good. He is a great God who loves you; trust Him when you don’t understand. (NKJV)


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 147:5 (KJV)

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. (NKJV)



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Sour Cream (Thursday)

Read: Isaiah 40:27-31; Habakkuk 3:16-19


"Henry!" Sally shrieked. "Come quick! He did it again!"


Henry ran to the backyard where Sally was and saw his new fainting goat Sour Cream lying upside down in the grass--all four hooves sticking straight up in the air like popsicle sticks.


Sally looked worried. "Do you think we should help him?"


"Nah," Henry told her. "Remember what Dad said? He'll get up in a minute. Something must have spooked him."


As Henry and Sally watched, Sour Cream rolled over and struggled to his feet. Just then, their younger brother, Ezra, tiptoed up behind the goat and yelled, "BOO!" Down went Sour Cream.


Ezra laughed and called out to Henry and Sally, "He painted again!"


Henry grinned. "Not painted, Ezra. Fainted--like this." He demonstrated by falling over and sticking his feet up in the air.


Sally giggled and fell onto the grass, copying Henry.


Ezra tumbled after them and stuck his little feet straight up.


"What's this?" their dad asked as he stood over them. "I thought we only had one fainting goat, and now I have four! I guess I'll need to...TICKLE them!"


"Nooo!" Henry, Sally, and Ezra laughed and squealed.


When the tickle game was over, Dad said, "You know, Sour Cream makes me think of a Bible verse."


"What verse?" Henry asked.


"In Isaiah 40:31, it says that if we put our hope and trust in God, He'll help us be strong and not fall down. Just like Sour Cream, you probably feel like lying down and giving up sometimes rather than face something that scares you. When that happens, remember that Jesus is always there to pick you back up. We all face hard and scary things in life, but we can trust Jesus to give us strength and help us through them. We can stand strong knowing that we have eternal life with Him and that He's always with us."


The family looked over at Sour Cream calmly munching on grass.


"He looks fine now," Sally observed.


"No more painting!" Ezra added. Then he fell over and stuck his feet up in the air. Kelly Hope



Do you sometimes feel like giving up when you face difficult things? Perhaps they fill you with fear or you grow tired of trying to do the right thing. Jesus knows how tired you can get and wants to give you exactly what you need. The next time you feel like giving up, trust Him to help you get back up again and give you strength.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (NIV)

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Sitting Next to Allie (Friday)

Read: Colossians 3:12-13


Snip, snip, snip! Natalie scowled as her scissors jabbed the paper.


"What're you making?" Allie asked.


"Isn't it obvious? Hearts." Snip!


"Oh, now I see! You always have such good ideas, Natalie."


Natalie huffed. Allie's so weird, she thought. Like her ugly plaid dress. No way would Natalie be caught dead in that dress!


"Natalie?" It was Allie. Again. "Can you show me how to--"


"Stop copying me. Just because Mrs. Garcia put our desks together doesn't mean we're friends." To punctuate her point, Natalie took her scissors and--snip!


Allie flinched. Natalie's jaw dropped. They stared at the cut in the sleeve of Allie's dress. Natalie stuffed the scissors into her desk. She hadn't meant to do that--really! She bit her lip. "Did you--did you get hurt?" she whispered.


Allie shook her head and went back to coloring.


Natalie swallowed the lump in her throat. Isn't Allie going to say something to Mrs. Garcia? she wondered. She picked up her red pencil and started to outline a new heart. As she pressed down, the tip broke. Tears welled up in Natalie's eyes. Even if Allie didn't tell the teacher, Jesus knew what happened. He knew Natalie had been unkind to Allie instead of loving her the way He did. But what could Natalie do about it now?


Something rolled over to Natalie's desk...a red pencil with a sharp tip.


Natalie peeked over at Allie. Did she do it on purpose?


Suddenly, Natalie knew what she needed to do. She picked up the red pencil. In her neatest handwriting, she wrote, I'm sorry.


She slid the paper heart to Allie's desk. She swallowed, not daring to look at Allie.


The heart slid back to Natalie's desk. On it was Allie's messy handwriting: OK.


"I'm really sorry about your dress," Natalie whispered. "I shouldn't have done that."


Allie shrugged. "I hate this dress, anyway."


"You do?"


Allie nodded. "Maybe now my mom won't make me wear it anymore. Isn't it the ugliest thing you've ever seen?"


"Well... sort of." Natalie took a deep breath. "You still want to know how I do my hearts?" she asked softly.


A smile spread across Allie's face. Natalie smiled back. Maria Antonia



Are you kind to others—even when they get on your nerves? We can all be unloving at times and do things that hurt others. The good news is that Jesus forgives our wrongs and helps us show others the kind of love He has shown us. But it’s also important that we seek forgiveness from those we hurt. We don’t need to make excuses. The best way is often the simplest way—just say, “I’m sorry.”


TODAY'S KEY VERSE:  Ephesians 4:32 (KJV)

Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. (NKJV)

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