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Watching Like a Hawk (Monday)

Read: 1 Peter 5:8-11 


"Quick! Get behind that bush," said Grandpa, giving Julian a nudge. "Let's watch this." Screened by the bush, they watched a hawk shoot down from the sky with lightning speed. It swooped over the ground and rose back into the air, a mouse dangling from its strong talons.


Julian's mouth hung open in surprise. "How could the hawk see that tiny mouse?" "Hawks have extremely sharp eyesight," said Grandpa. "That's where the expression ‘watching like a hawk' comes from. That hawk could see the little mouse running in the grass, so he caught his dinner."


"He had terrific aim too!" Julian grinned. "I'm sure glad I'm too big to be a hawk's dinner."


"Way too big." Grandpa chuckled, then he looked serious. "But there is an enemy who is looking for us humans. Just like that hawk looks for weaker animals to prey on, Satan looks for any weak spots we have, and he attacks us there." "Weak spots like what?" Julian asked.


"Any areas of our lives where we're vulnerable to fear or temptation," Grandpa replied. "For example, if a person struggles with anger, Satan might attack that person through their temper and try to get them to use it to hurt others. Or, if someone is prone to worrying, he might try to fill their mind with things to worry about so they'll focus on those instead of on the peace and promises of Jesus."


"I guess lying or wanting everyone to like you could be weak spots too, couldn't they?" asked Julian. Grandpa nodded. "Yes, and many other things--some big, some small." Julian looked at Grandpa. "You don't have any weak spots."


"Oh yes, I do! Everyone does." Grandpa smiled. "I'll even tell you one of my weak spots, Julian. It's that I don't like housework and don't help Grandma enough, especially when her arthritis bothers her. Sometimes I see I'm neglecting her. Then I tell Jesus I'm sorry and trust Him to help me be more helpful. Satan can watch me like a hawk, but it won't do him any good if I'm relying on God like I should."


Julian thought about it. "I guess fighting with my sister is a weak spot for me. I'm going to trust Jesus to help me be more loving." -Carolyn E. Yost



What is your weak spot? Arguing? Worrying? Going along with the crowd? Everyone has different areas in their lives they need to watch out for. Ask the Lord to help you recognize yours so you can be ready for Satan’s attacks. You don’t need to give in to fear or temptation; if you know Jesus, you have His peace and the power to turn from sin. Resist Satan’s attacks by staying focused on Jesus.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: 1 Peter 5:8-9 (NIV) (KJV)

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith!


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An Amazing Muscle (Tuesday)

Read: James 3:2-10


Jason opened the car door and settled into the front seat. "Hi, Mom. School was fun today--even science class," he said, fastening his seat belt. "What do you think is the most amazing muscle in your body?"


"My heart," said Mom as they started home.

Jason grinned. "Nope, guess again!"

"Uh!I give up. What is the most amazing muscle in my body?"


"Your tongue," replied Jason. "That's what Mr. Hernandez thinks, anyway. For one thing, we don't even have to think about the tongue or tell it what to do. It just does it."


"Like tasting?" asked Mom. "That seems to be one of your favorite activities."


Jason laughed. "It is! I learned that the tongue has more than three thousand taste buds, and I think I should exercise mine on some cookies when we get home. But that's not all our tongues do. They help us move food around in our mouths, and they help us form the words we want to say when we talk."


Mom nodded. "You're right. I'm not sure I ever thought about that before. And did you know the tongue is also the part of the body that we probably sin with the most?"


"It is?" Jason looked surprised to hear that.


"It's something like the steering wheel of this car," Mom told him. "I need to control this steering wheel to make the car go in the right direction. If I lose control, the car won't turn into the driveway like I want it to in just a minute. It could go off in any direction, and it would probably end up doing a lot of damage--like hitting a telephone pole." She turned into the driveway. "We need to control our tongues too. We can use them wisely to praise God and encourage others. But if we lose control, we may say unkind words in anger or gossip about others."


"So, our tongues can be used for either good or bad," Jason mused.


"Right," said Mom. "But because we trust in Jesus, we can choose good every time! He gives us the power to control our tongues so we can use our words in ways that show others who He is."


"Wow," said Jason. "That really is amazing!" -Jacqueline Leaycraft



How do you use your tongue? Do you use it to thank God for all He’s done for you and to worship Him? Do you use it to encourage others with kind words? Or do you sometimes speak without thinking and say harmful, unkind things? Today’s Bible reading points out that the tongue can do a great deal of damage. It’s important to keep it under control. Trust Jesus to help you use this amazing muscle He’s given you for good.



Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.



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Handle with Care (Wednesday)

Read: Psalm 37:21-24 


"Sawyer, can I borrow one of your school shirts to wear to the basketball game tonight?" Chase asked his older brother.


"No," Sawyer answered firmly.


"Oh, come on, please!" Chase begged. "Everyone is wearing a school shirt, but mine is in the laundry. Why can't I wear yours?"


"Because you'd ruin it," said Sawyer. "I said no, and that's final."


Just then their mother walked in. "Mom, Sawyer is being selfish!" said Chase. "Why can't I wear his shirt this one time?"


"You know why Sawyer won't let you wear it, Chase," said Mom.


"But I'd be careful with it," said Chase. "Honest!"


"Sawyer has no reason to believe that," Mom pointed out. "Remember what happened to his camera? And his baseball cap?"


Sawyer nodded. "I've loaned you things before, and you didn't take care of them."


"When you borrowed my bike, you got it all muddy, but I didn't get mad," Chase shot back.


"Because I hosed it off and shined it up before I put it away," Sawyer reminded him.


"I saw your bike after Sawyer used it and cleaned it up," added Mom, "and it looked as good as new. But think for a moment--how would you have felt it he hadn't done that, and you had gotten it back covered in mud?"


Chase sighed. "Bad, I guess."


"If he didn't seem to care about your stuff, what would you have thought about his attitude toward you?" asked Mom.


Chase took a moment to ponder the question. "I!I probably would have thought he didn't care much about me either," he admitted.


Mom nodded. "People are much more important than things, of course, but the way we treat other people's things when we borrow them can show those people we care about them--or give them the opposite idea if we're careless with their stuff. When we take care of borrowed items, it shows others that we respect them and care about their feelings. It's one way to show others the love of Jesus, who always cares about our feelings."


Chase looked at his brother. "I'm sorry I was careless with your stuff. If you ever let me borrow something of yours again, I promise I'll take good care of it."


-Agnes G. Livezey



When you use other people’s things, are you careful with them? Do you return borrowed items as soon as possible? Do you make sure they’re in good condition when you return them? By respecting people’s things, you show respect for their owner as well. You’re showing them the love of Jesus! Show people you care about them by taking care of the things they let you borrow.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 12:10 (CSB) (KJV)

Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honoring one another.


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A Life-Puzzle (Thursday)

Read: Isaiah 55:8-11 


"Guess what, Grandma," said Maelie as she worked on a jigsaw puzzle. "The house we're moving to is right next to a horse ranch! Isn't that exciting?"


"It is," Grandma agreed. "I guess that means you're looking forward to moving, right?" Maelie nodded, and Grandma turned to Maelie's brother. "How about you, Owen? Are you eager to move too?"


"No. I'm going to miss all my friends," replied Owen gloomily. "And I'll miss you and Grandpa." Owen sighed. "I don't see why we can't stay right here!"


Grandma put an arm around him. "I'll miss you too, but I know God has a reason for having your family move."


Maelie frowned as she continued to work on her puzzle. "I hate it when pieces won't go in!" she muttered. "This one should go here! It's the right color and everything." She tried again to force the piece to fit.


"The color is right," said Grandma. "But if that piece won't go in, you'd better look for a different one. Try the one over there."


"This one?" Maelie picked up the puzzle piece and tried it in the space. It didn't go in either.


"You've got it turned the wrong way," said Owen. "Turn it the other way around."


Maelie turned it the way Owen suggested. "Hey! It does fit. Good job, Owen."


Grandma smiled. "In a way, life is like a puzzle. It's sometimes hard for us to understand what purpose God has for allowing certain things to happen. But as time goes by, we often see the pieces slowly begin to fit into place."


"But why can't staying here be a piece of my life-puzzle?" asked Owen.


"I don't know, Owen, but I do know it isn't good to try to force a piece into the puzzle when it doesn't fit. We need to remember that Jesus is with us, even when things don't seem to make sense, and trust Him to work everything out. He knows what pieces are needed in our lives and how they should fit together to make a beautiful picture--one that points to His love and faithfulness."


"So you're saying I need to trust Him with this piece of my life--this move?" Owen asked, and Grandma nodded. "Okay," Owen said. "I will."


-Gloria D. Morrison



Do you wonder why God has allowed certain things to happen in your life? Everyone goes through difficult experiences that don’t make sense to us. We don’t need to understand God’s reasons for allowing those things to happen—we just need to trust Jesus to be with us and use them for good. Trust Him to take all the pieces of your life—the good parts and those that don’t seem good to you—and fit them together to make something beautiful.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Romans 8:28 (CSB) (KJV)

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God.


** Daily Devotional 에서 방송된 내용의 줄거리입니다. Daily Devotional Keys for kids Ministries에서 지원받은 프로그램입니다. 홈페이지 www.keysforkids.org로 들어가시면 Keys for kids Daily Devotional < March 27, 2022>에서 다시 들으실 있습니다.**


Appreciation Appreciated (Friday)

Read: Romans 16:1-16 


This whole chapter is like the world's longest greeting card! Diego thought one morning as he read the sixteenth chapter of Romans. He looked at the verses again. It talks about people Paul appreciated. Maybe it's to show us we should let people know how much we appreciate them. I know--I'll do that today! I wonder what they'll think? Diego grinned. They'll probably be surprised!


At breakfast, Diego smiled at his mom when she handed him a plate of toast and eggs. "Thanks for fixing this for me, Mom." He turned to his brother. "And thanks for letting me use your markers for my poster, Luis." Mom and Luis looked a little surprised, but they gave Diego big smiles.


Later that day, Diego greeted a friend. "Hi, Gabe! It sure was nice of you to stick up for me when those guys were teasing me yesterday."


"Hey, no problem," Gabe said with a grin. "That's what friends are for."


After class, Diego went up to his teacher, who was grading papers at her desk. "I like the way you've been teaching us about all those Civil War battles," he told her. "The stories you tell make studying so much more interesting. And they help me remember the dates."


Miss Simmons smiled. "Why, thank you! I'm glad you find it helpful."


On the way home from school, Diego saw Pastor Grey and the church music director standing in the parking lot. "Hi, Pastor Grey," said Diego as he approached. "In that sermon about the Ten Commandments last Sunday, you explained them in a way I could understand. And I like the music you pick every week, Mrs. Bell." Diego received two more big smiles.


That night, as Diego was getting ready for bed, he recalled all the smiles he'd gotten that day. "People appreciate being appreciated," he murmured to himself. Then he thought of something else. I haven't told God how much I appreciate Him today. So he sat down on his bed and prayed. "Dear Jesus, thank You for loving me and for dying on the cross for my sins. And thank you for all the wonderful people you've put in my life. Amen."


-Linda Weddle



Who are some people you appreciate? Have you told them? Make a list of five people you’re thankful for, and then share your appreciation with them. And don’t forget to include Jesus on your list. He deserves the most appreciation of all! Thank Him for all He’s done for you and for putting people in your life who love you, help you, and point you to Him.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Philippians 1:3 (NLT) (KJV)

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

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