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You Are God’s Creation (Monday)

Read: Psalm 139:13-14; Jeremiah 1:5


Tana threw her jacket onto the chair and yanked open the refrigerator door. She grabbed a bottle of water and took a drink.


"How did the tryouts go?" her grandmother asked.


"I don't want to talk about it, Grams." Tana walked to the family room and plopped onto the couch.


Grams followed and sat in the rocking chair. She picked up her knitting. The clicking of her needles was the only sound in the room. "Do you want to tell me what happened?"


"I didn't make the cheer squad! I know it's because of my arm."


"How do you know that?" asked Grams.


"Because I was just as good or better than some of the girls who made the squad. It's not fair. It's not my fault my left arm is a stub. Why did God let this happen to me?" Tana swiped away a tear.


Grams's needles continued to click. "I'm sorry, Tana. I don't know why God allowed that difficulty into your life, and it was wrong for the squad not to pick you because of it. But remember, you never have to face difficulties alone. The Bible tells us God knits us together just like I'm knitting this sweater. He loves you just as you are, and He's working in your life to make you more like Jesus. Lean on Him for support. Just like when I knit this yarn together, it will be stronger than if it remains a single thread."


Tana sighed. "It's just hard being different, Grams. People feel sorry for me because I'm different. They think I can't do what they can, and they're afraid to challenge me."


"If you want a challenge, I'll give you one."


"What? You know I can't play the piano," Tana said with a smirk.


"I challenge you to keep your eyes open for opportunities where you can help others. Show others what you can do."


Later that week, Tana came home smiling. "Grams, guess what happened today? I helped a younger girl who was struggling with her crutches get on the bus. I carried her backpack and crutches while she hopped up the steps. She thanked me and gave me a big smile."


"Good for you!" said Grams. "Keep showing others you can shine for Jesus." Lori Hulvey



Do you worry about being different? Do you struggle with how others treat you? Always remember, God loves you just as you are. He created you to be you and to bring glory to Him through your words and actions. He saved you through His Son, Jesus, who will one day bring an end to the difficulties you face. Trust Him to give you strength so you can shine for Him.


TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 139:13 (KJV)

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. (NIV)

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Broken Watches (Tuesday)

Read: Isaiah 44:6-11; 1 Corinthians 8:6


Lisa peeked her head into Mom's room. "What are you doing?"


"I'm collecting things for the thrift store. I'm hoping someone else can put them to good use. Do you have anything to donate?"


"Maybe," Lisa said. "But can I ask you something first?" She sat on the floor next to a pile of old jewelry. "In social studies, my teacher said there were many gods in ancient Egypt. Then she said there are many in our world today too. She said all religions are right, and my friends believed her. I didn't know how to explain the truth."


"Maybe I can help," Mom said. "But first, what time is it?"


Lisa looked around for a clock.


"There are some watches there." Mom pointed to the jewelry pile, and Lisa picked up two old watches.


"Well, this one says 12:05, and this one says 6:32, but they're wrong. I know I've only been home for an hour, so it's about four o'clock."


"Can't it be four o'clock and 12:05 and 6:32?" asked Mom.


"Of course not," Lisa said. "They're completely different times."


Mom smiled. "It sounds ridiculous, but it's no different from what your teacher is suggesting. It's true there are a lot of different religions, but they teach completely different things. Judaism teaches that Jesus was a sinful man; Islam teaches that Jesus was a good prophet; and Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God who became human to free us from our sin. And there are other religions with even more conflicting ideas. How can they all be right?"


"They can't be," Lisa said. "Do you think my friends will get it?"


"It's pretty simple logic," Mom said. "It might not make them immediately choose to trust in Jesus, but hopefully it will help them realize all religions can't be true and they'll ask more questions."


"And hopefully I'll be the one they ask!" Lisa smiled and got up off the floor. "I'll go sort through my stuff now." She pointed to the watches. "But do you think I could take those to school tomorrow to help me explain this to my friends?"


Mom handed her the watches with a grin. "See," she said. "I knew there was someone else who could put these to good use." Heather Tekavec



How many different religions have you heard of? Satan wants people to believe there are many ways to God so they won’t find the real way. And people are happy to look for the way that suits them best—but that won’t get them closer to God. It’s important for us to understand the truth and share it with others—Jesus is the only way to have eternal life with God.



Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (NIV)



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Jayla’s Passport (Wednesday)

Read: Philippians 3:4-9


"I hope I didn't forget anything," Jayla said on the way to the airport. She and her brother Everett were going to spend two weeks in England with their older sister and her husband who lived there.


"Well, if you forgot something, now is the time to remember--before we get too far from home," Dad replied.


"I saw you put the passports in your purse, Jayla," said Mom. "You haven't taken them out at all, have you?"


"Nope. They're right here." Jayla opened her purse and took out the passports. "Oh no!" she exclaimed as she looked at them.


Dad slowed down. "What's wrong?"


"I have Mom's passport instead of mine!" Jayla said. "They were in the same drawer, and I picked up the wrong one."


"Calm down. We have plenty of time," said Dad as he looked for a place to turn the car around. "It's a good thing you discovered it now though. Mom's passport wouldn't get you into England."


Mom nodded thoughtfully. "I'm going to have to tell Mrs. Lewis about this experience," she said.


"Why?" Everett asked. "Is she planning a trip overseas?"


"I don't think so, but I've been talking to her about Jesus lately, and every time I do, she always tells me about the wonderful Christian parents she has," replied Mom. "I've told her that having Christian parents doesn't make her a Christian, but she still seems to think it does."


"I see what Mom's getting at," said Everett as they headed back home.


Dad nodded. "When we trust in Jesus and receive His goodness, it's like receiving a passport that shows us to be citizens of God's kingdom. Jayla can't get into England on Mom's passport, and Mrs. Lewis can't get into heaven on her parents' passports--she needs to have her own."


"Everybody has to trust Jesus for themselves, don't they?" Everett asked.


"That's right."Dad smiled in the rearview mirror. "Much as I hate to backtrack, it will be worth it if it helps Mrs. Lewis understand that she needs to know and trust in Jesus herself."


Jayla grinned. "In that case, you can thank me for grabbing the wrong passport!"


Barbara J. Westberg



Do you expect to get into heaven because you have Christian parents? They’re a blessing, but their salvation—their citizenship in God’s kingdom—will not give you salvation. You need to receive God’s righteousness through faith in His Son, Jesus. Trust Him as your Savior today. It’s a decision nobody can make for you—you must make it for yourself. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)


TODAY'S KEY VERSE:  Philippians 3:9 (KJV)

Not having my own righteousness…but that which is through faith in Christ. (NKJV)

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Surprise! (Thursday)

Read: Psalm 86:1-7


Tucker was worried. He and his family had been living in their new home a whole week, but he still hadn't seen any kids in the neighborhood. Tucker had moved away from good friends, and he was beginning to think he would never find new ones here.


"Pray about it," said Dad when Tucker told him his problem.


"Pray about it," said Mom when Tucker asked her about it.


"Pray about it," said his older sister when Tucker looked sad.


So Tucker prayed. He asked God to send him a friend--someone he would like as much as he liked his old friends, especially Aiden and Colin. He sure missed them since he moved.


The next morning the doorbell rang. "It's for you, Tucker," Mom called up to his room. "Someone's here to see you."


Tucker bounded down the stairs. There at the front door stood...a girl! She had blond curls and freckles, and she wore a blue headband. "Hi," she said. "My name is Rylee, and I live right behind you. I was hoping someone with kids would move into your house, but I didn't see you outside until yesterday. There aren't many kids around here, so I hope we can be friends. Hey, do you like superheroes?"


"Uh...yeah, I do," stammered Tucker. "I have lots of action figures. Do you want to see them?"


"Yeah!" exclaimed Rylee, and they spent the next hour looking at action figures and talking superheroes.


"I have a tree house in my backyard," said Rylee. "Come over after lunch, and I'll show it to you."


After Rylee left, Tucker turned to his mom and shook his head. "I asked God for a friend, but I didn't think He'd send a girl!"


"Sometimes God says no to our prayers," said Mom. "Sometimes He says wait, sometimes He says yes, but sometimes..." Mom hesitated, then she chuckled. "Sometimes He gives us a surprise."


"That's true!" Tucker laughed. "Can I go see Rylee's tree house after lunch?"


"Sure," said Mom. "I met her parents yesterday, and I think that will be fine. Go wash up and you can help me get lunch ready." Carol Albrecht



Has God given you any surprises lately in answer to your prayers? You may want Him to answer in a particular way, but remember—God always knows what’s best for you. You can trust Him to answer in the way that’s right, even if it’s not the way you expected or hoped. He loves you and promises to help you through every problem you face. What a good God you have!


TODAY'S KEY VERSE:  Psalm 138:3 (KJV)

In the day when I cried out, You answered me. (NKJV)









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The Broken Lamp (Friday)

Read: GALATIANS 5:13-14; EPHESIANS 2:8-10


"How about showing Pastor Lopez to his room, Caden?" suggested Mom when the visiting pastor arrived for the weekend.


"Sure. You're going to use my room," Caden told the pastor, then led the way. "I left some space in the closet for you, and I cleared out the top dresser drawer." Caden switched on the overhead light in his room. "Oh, I forgot." He picked up a lamp from his desk. "This lamp doesn't work, but Mom said you could use the one from her room. I'll get it."


"Maybe I can repair that one," said Pastor Lopez. "I know a little about fixing electric things. Let's have a look."


"Really? You sure you want to?" Caden asked. Pastor Lopez smiled and nodded, so Caden handed him the lamp.


Caden watched Pastor Lopez tinker with the lamp. Hearing him mumble something in Spanish, Caden grinned. "I'm learning Spanish in school," he said. "Could you teach me some words while you're here?"


"I'll be glad to," said Pastor Lopez with a smile. "I was just saying this doesn't work' in Spanish. The phrase we use for an appliance that doesn't work is no sirve. In my church in Mexico, we have a saying: El que no sirve, no sirve."


Caden repeated the phrase. "El que no sirve, no sirve. What does that mean?"


"Literally translated, it means He who doesn't serve, doesn't serve.' It's a reminder that if a Christian is not being a servant, he's something like this broken lamp. As Christians, we're called to be servants because Jesus was a servant to us--He left the glory of heaven and came to earth to die for our sins. When we serve others, we shine His light into their lives..." Pastor Lopez flipped the switch and the lamp came on. "So they can see how much He loves them."


"You fixed it!" Caleb exclaimed. "I've been needing the light from that lamp." He grinned. "From now on it will remind me to be a servant like Jesus so others can see their need for Him." HOLLY F. CEPEDA



Do you think of yourself as a servant? If you trust in Jesus, He’s called you to be a servant so others can know what He’s done for them. What can you do to serve others? Maybe you can do yardwork for an elderly neighbor, help a classmate who’s struggling with schoolwork, or simply listen to someone who needs a friend. When you serve others, you shine the light of Jesus’ love into their lives.




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