Our Gospel Ministry is doing God’s work through volunteers

We welcome you to work with us in different departments, hoping that your participation would lead to a more abundant Kingdom of God.

If you have specific questions, please call the office or email us at:

(Office : 602-866-8999, Email : heartandseoul.org@gmail.com)


CD Shipment Operations (Sending Unit)

  • Time: Wednesdays andThursdays (9:00AM~11:30AM)

  • Location: Heart and Seoul Gospel Ministry Office

  • Work: To send CD that is made every week to our listeners: put CD into each envelope and place the address labels on the envelopes


Placing CD in local markets and restaurants

  • Placing CD in Korean markets, restaurants, or banks, etc. where you live. Help us provide CD’s to places where the Gospel Broadcasting CD’s haven’t been provided yet



  • Translating Korean manuscripts to English or English manuscripts to Korean. We ask for help from those even in other states


Broadcasting Program Editing

  • Edit recorded broadcasting programs using computer programs. Easy even for those who aren’t familiar with computers, and we will also teach you how to use the program.



Be a part of God’s ministry!  We always welcome volunteers. Contact us to find out how you can serve together.


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